Digital Locker System – Secure Your Documents Online with DigiLocker

What is DigiLocker or Digital Locker System ?


DigiLocker is a service or a way to keeping documents secure and online, launched by Government of India in Feb 2015. The user can store data or important documents online (maximum 1GB). The storage space is linked with the Aadhar number of the every user. Space can be used for storing personal documents such as Education documents, University certificates, Voter id card, Bill, PAN cards etc., So, you don’t need to carry your documents physical however applying for any jobs, educational institutions or government certificates etc. You can easily share your documents with anyone which you want.

Benefits of Digital Locker System (DigiLocker):

  • You can upload your all important documents and save them online. Digital Locker services is linked to your unique Aadhaar number.
  • Reduce the use of physical documents.
  • You can share your documents online with any registered requester department or agency.
  • You can access your documents anytime and anywhere.
  • It provides 1 GBdedicated personal storage space.
  • Allow e-Signing of any documents and make them accessible electronically. Digital signature can be done online.
  • Make sure authorized access and privacy to residents’ data.
  • You can downloadeAadhar from the DigiLocker website.You can also access or use the list of requesters which have retrieved your documents and list of issues which have issued e-documents to you.

Stakeholders of DigiLocker:


Issuers: Issuers of documents can be Registrar office, Educational institutions, Income Tax department, RTO etc.

Requesters: Requesters of documents can be Universities, Employers and Passport Office etc.

Resident: Resident can be an individual like you who uses the Digital Locker service which is linked to Aadhar and OTP (one-time password) authentication.

How to access DigiLocker (Digital Locker Facility)?

For accessing DigiLocker you must need to Sign-up for the DigiLocker. You need to have an Aadhaar number and mobile number which are registered with Aadhaar.


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