Web.com Hacked! Credit Card information of 93,000 Customers Compromised

Web.com, a Florida-based internet hosting company with up to three.3 Million customers, has suffered knowledge a knowledge an data breach and will have compromised personal information and MasterCard data happiness to ninety 3,000 of its shoppers.


The company on Tuesday confirmed that some unknown hackers had broken one in every of its pc systems on August thirteen, 2015, and accessed personal data of nearly ninety 3,000 customers.

Web.com, with the goal to assist little businesses succeed on-line, uncovered the unauthorized activity as a part of its in progress security observance and closure method.

The purloined data includes:

Credit Card data

Actual Names related to the payment cards

Residential Addresses

No alternative data happiness to customers, like Social Security numbers, Verification Codes for the exposed credit cards, was tormented by the info breach, in step with the corporate.

“The security of our client data may be a high priority for internet.com,” Web.com chief executive officer and Chairman David L. Brown declared in an exceedingly statement. “Our goals square measure easy –to shield our shoppers from the web attacks and, within the event that AN attack succeeds, to repair the [issue] right away.”

However, neither the corporate mentioned whether or not the purloined information was encrypted, nor it aforementioned however hackers were able to access its customers’ information.

The company’s shares fell half-dozen.7% to $22.17 in late commerce Tuesday, attributable to the info breach incident.

Web.com aforementioned it rumored the crime to authorities and contacted the enforcement and a across the nation recognized security business firm to conduct an investigation into the attack.

The company has additionally notified its affected customers via email description the required steps the corporate is taking. It’s additionally providing Free Credit-Monitoring Protection for annual to users tormented by the breach.

How to Enable God Mode in Windows and Its Complete Features

What is GodMode?


Windows God Mode is Associate in Nursing recent trick, however I believed it’d be nice to share it with our readers United Nations agency don’t understand it as Windows ten is discharged. Also, I’ll be telling concerning all God Mode folders here, not simply one. Windows God Mode, because the name suggests, provides you a route and grander access to numerous electrical device settings. It’s additionally called the Windows Master electrical device route (All Tasks) or All Tasks folder by completely different folks.

By creating this God Mode folder, you’ll get access to all or any the settings of the electrical device in your OS inside one folder. This hack was 1st unconcealed in 2007 and it works in operation systems more than Windows panorama i.e. Window 7, Window 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows ten.

As you’ll acumen to try and do it, you’ll bump into the step of renaming the folder and victimization the phrase “God Mode”. Actually, God Mode name has nothing to try and do with this trick. Use your name rather than God Mode and it’ll work simply fine as a result of God Mode is simply a reputation given to the present trick because it got fashionable.

Note: you’ll be able to alter God Mode victimization this trick in Windows panorama Window seven, Window 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows ten.

How to alter all God Mode folders?

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There are lots a lot of to the present God Mode trick. There square measure lots a lot of God Mode folders looking forward to you to utilize them. Copy and paste the script written below in a very new pad file. Rename this file as “godmodes.bat” and paste at the situation wherever you wish these God Mode folders to be. Currently click on the renamed file “godmodes.bat” and there you’ve got an inventory of God Mode folders, all with completely different uses.

How to Your GPS Location and Calls Can be Spied Using Network Vulnerability

Yes, you detected it right. It is the dirty truth that’s that includes what’s being known as the most important privacy breach ever.


Billions of mobile phone users square measure in danger of a vulnerability within the SS7 inter-carrier network that permits hackers and spies agencies to trace locations and intercept all voice calls from anyplace within the world.

This is one thing we have a tendency to already grasp from the last year’s Snowden leaks that explained the National Security Agency (NSA) capabilities to collect nearly five Billion records on a daily basis on mobile locations round the world.

But, it’s worse than we’ve got thought.

The celebrated Australian TV programme “60 Minutes” incontestable that it’s attainable for anyone to trace mobile phone location and intercept calls and text messages.

This time, undue to a security vulnerability within the phone’s package, however as a result of a heavy flaw within the terribly system our cell phones use to speak with one another round the world – the world sign system, called SS7.

What went wrong?

Hackers profit of the SS7 that is sadly vulnerable.

SS7 or sign System range seven may be a protocol suite employed by most telecommunications operators throughout the globe to speak with each other once leading calls, texts and net information.

SS7 permits mobile phone carriers to gather location data from mobile phone towers and share it with one another. This implies a bus carrier can realize its client, notwithstanding if he or she travels to the other country.

Location trailing, Calls Listening, Messages intercepting mistreatment SS7

Successful exploitation of the bug in SS7 might let attackers hear all of your voice calls yet as track your precise GPS location.

This technique is often called a “Man-in-the-Middle” (MitM) attack, wherever hackers intercept on-line traffic and so forward it back to the recipient.

Besides trailing mobile phone user and intercepting their calls, this essential flaw conjointly allowed hackers to intercept SMS verification used with banking applications.

Really Scary!

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Showing during a special report, hr shows however German hackers intercepted and recorded a mobile spoken language of an officer, yet as half-tracked his movements from FRG, that is placed thousands of miles away.

Since the SS7 network is employed worldwide, the vulnerability in it puts Billions of mobile phone users in peril.

Unfortunately, there’s not a fix nonetheless, that the flaws in SS7 protocol can still be gift albeit your phone carriers upgrade to a lot of advanced technology.

How to Use WhatsApp Web Client on iPhone and other iOS Devices

WhatsApp net shopper support is currently out there for iOS users.


That’s right; currently iOS users will access their instant electronic communication facility on the web; while not taking the opposite route (via jail breaking).

Eight months past, on Jan twenty one, 2015, WhatsApp was created out there on net browsers, and let humanoid, Windows Phone eight.0 and 8.1, Nokia S60, Nokia S40 Single SIM EVO, BlackBerry and BB10 smartphones relish the service.

However, there was no net answer for iOS users at that point thanks to limitations of the platform and high-security standards adopted by Apple, so that they were forced to attend for the service.

However, iOS users’ expect WhatsApp net is over currently, and that they also can relish WhatsApp net – Same WhatsApp account on iPhone and desktops.

Yesterday, WhatsApp enabled its net shopper interface for iPhone users.

How to Use WhatsApp on iPhone and iOS Devices?

Interested WhatsApp users merely ought to open expedition browser and navigate to http://web.whatsapp.com

A QR code can seem on the online page that should be scanned along with your iPhone mistreatment WhatsApp mobile application to activate the service.

By scanning the QR code that seems, users can mechanically have pared their mobile WhatsApp with the WhatsApp net shopper.

Due to the irresponsibleness of WhatsApp net shopper on Google Chrome browser, it couldn’t be created active on iOS, as iOS supports expedition application.

This could be one among the explanations why WhatsApp took most of your time to bring its WhatsApp net to Apple’s iOS platform.

Now, WhatsApp net also can be accessed mistreatment expedition browser, although it’ll need the most recent version to run the power.

Google releases a Chrome extension to fix the critical VPN security hole

vpn-animation-694x336Earlier within the year, we tend to had rumored a significant vulnerability in Google Chrome that leaked user’s real science address even supposing they were employing a VPN.  The vulnerability involving WebRTC might leak users real science of all VPN services users, had cause panic among VPN users attributable to the inherent risks.

Google has currently revealed associate extension for its Chrome browser that fixes this serious WebRTC security hole in Google Chrome.

The WebRTC flaw was exploited by putting a number of lines of code on a web site and employing a STUN server it became potential to reveal not solely users’ true science addresses, however conjointly their native network address too.

At that point, VPN users might install the WebRTC block extension or Script Safe that ought to block the vulnerability. Firefox users, might use the No Script addon or as an alternative, they will kind “about: config” within the address bar and set the “media.peerconnection.enabled” setting to false.

However, currently Google has revealed a little Chrome extension (7.31KB) referred to as “WebRTC Network circuit.” This extension disables the WebRTC multiple-routes possibility in Chrome’s privacy settings whereas configuring WebRTC to not use bound science addresses.

In addition to activity native science addresses that area unit ordinarily inaccessible to the general public net (such as, the extension conjointly stops different public science addresses being unconcealed.

“Any public science addresses related to network interfaces that aren’t used for net traffic (e.g. associate ISP-provided address, once browsing through a VPN) [are hidden],” Google says.

“Once the extension is put in, WebRTC can solely use public science addresses related to the interface used for net traffic, generally identical addresses that area unit already provided to sites in browser communications protocol requests.”

While WebRTC Network circuit appears a decent resolution for the WebRTC security hole, Google admits having problems with the extension,

“This extension could have an effect on the performance of applications that use WebRTC for audio/video or period of time digital communication. As a result of it limits the potential network methods, WebRTC could decide a path that ends up in considerably longer delay or lower quality (e.g. through a VPN). We tend to are trying to work out however common this is”.

Samsung’s new sensor to put 16-megapixel cameras into slim phones


Samsung has developed a brand-spanking new sensing element to put a 16-megapixel camera into the slim phones just like the Galaxy A8.

The S5K3P3, Samsung’s new one.0μm-pixel-based sixteen megapixel (Mp) CMOS image sensing element utilizes the company’s proprietary ISOCELL technology to activate the high performance one.0μm pixels. Providing an ideal resolution to today’s more and more agent mobile devices, this tiny component reduces the size and height of a picture sensing element module.

“As a trendsetter within the mobile image sensing element business, we tend to area unit happy to be the primary to deliver the foremost advanced one.0μm-pixel imager, that meets each high-resolution and slim style needs for Smartphone cameras,” same Kyushu Hong, vp and Head of S.LSI promoting at Samsung physics. “Starting with 16Mp sensing element, Samsung plans to any expand one .0μm-pixel product class and lead the image sensing element marketplace for high activity slim mobile devices.”

An ISOCELL-based CMOS imager has been engineered by the Korean company that produces use of terribly little one.0-micron (1 micrometer = one thousandth of 1 millimeter) pixels as critical usual sensors of identical size, that keep company with larger one.2 micrometer pixels, captures additional lightweight by giving the photographs additional clarity, and reduction in noise. This leads to a sensing element that’s twenty p.c slimmer, at associate degree adequate 5mm (0.2 inches) height.

The smaller pixels can possibly lead to slightly lowered image quality; the camera wouldn’t be ready to perform furthermore in dimly-lit environments as compared to larger sensors from Samsung. As for the camera itself, the Galaxy A8 can keep company with Samsung’s ISOCELL (LSI3P3) camera sensing element rather than the Sony IMX240 sensing element.

The ISOCELL technology strikingly reduces unwanted color transfer of neighboring components by adding physical obstacle between every pixel. This leads to higher color fidelity even in dimly-lit conditions, because it primarily will increase lightweight sensitivity and expressly controls the gathering of photons.

The combination of ISOCELL technology with the industry’s smallest one.0μm pixels can offer totally different style choice for the manufactures with the news S5K3P3 image sensing element.

Mobile device manufactures will lay their hands on Samsung’s new S5K3P3 image sensing element offered nowadays to style into their next-generation merchandise.


Feeling bored to choose up the phone and sort out a reply. Well, currently you don’t need to. Victimization the easy ‘OK Google’ voice command, you’ll currently send messages through WhatsApp, Viber, We Chat, and a spread of different apps, to your friends and close to, dear ones.

In April, Google had launched custom voice action command, that allowed users to regulate choose third-party apps just by beginning with the “Ok Google” command. Until now, this has used Hangouts, Google’s default texting application on robot. Google has currently updated their Android-based voice-command system and expanded that practicality to electronic messaging apps, together with WhatsApp, Viber, We Chat, Next Plus and wire.

This upgrade involves the bottom version of the Google currently Launcher, that is accessible within the Google Play app store to most devices free inside the last few years. This update needs solely the latest version that you just have of all apps concerned, and lets users send messages quickly through a spread of free apps by locution, as an example, “OK Google, send a WhatsApp message to John”, when that you may be asked to dictate the contents of that message. However, if either of the apps area unit noncurrent, you’ll simply get a slip message or a bunch of search results.

In addition to the current update, the Google currently launcher permits users to send text messages, emails, and Hangouts messages via the “Ok Google” voice command.

This will work from your home screen like all Google currently options, if you’ve got listening activated. as an alternative, you’ll simply move into the Google app and begin speaking, or use the Google currently crosscut, if you’ve got AN robot device with software-rendered buttons.

This practicality is just accessible in English; but, the great news is that it’s not restricted to the U.S. as is usually the case with new Google options. The corporate says it’ll be operating to feature additional apps and languages “in the long run.”

In January, Google upgraded its main robot app with a giant improvement to Google Now: Serving cards from third-party apps right once they have timely info to supply. Initially, the new practicality was supported by forty apps, and in Gregorian calendar month, Google another seventy additional apps to the combination.

This integration from Google is so a part of a broader push from it on mobile that it’s not simply restricted to voice commands. By gap up its Google app to third-party services, the corporate isn’t solely providing users with additional options however conjointly providing them with AN expertise they cannot get anyplace else.

Face book is taking a cue from LinkedIn and testing new “Profile Tags” feature

Face book is taking a cue from LinkedIn and testing new “Profile Tags” feature

Have you ever checked out your Facebook profile page and lamented that the one issue it had been missing was — profile tags? You recognize, just like the ones on LinkedIn that purport to list your skilled skills thus colleagues and potential employers will instantly see what you’re sensible at?

Well, apparently Facebook has come back around to thinking that such tags square measure fascinating for your personal profile, and therefore the Verge is coverage that it’s already started testing the idea on accounts in New Island.

When asked by the school journal whether or not this was real or some quite optical phenomenon, Verge reader Luke M. told Verge that regarding Facebook’s new profile tags feature and therefore the company confirmed it had been testing them out with the subsequent statement: “Profile tags square measure an ingenious tool that enables you to and your friends add tags to your profile to focus on the items that describe you and what you’re into.” Created as a part of an inside Face book hackathon, the new feature can allow you to add tags to your own profile, or let your friends add tags for you, that you want to approve before they become in public visible. Tags square measure free-form, which implies you’ll kind in just about no matter you would like, even as well as emojis.

Just like LinkedIn, you’ll assign tags to yourself, or your friends will assign them at your approval. And being Face book, you’ll produce no matter tag you would like — you ought not to decide from a group list. You’ll even use emoji — which can seemingly be the football player. Once the feature is unrolled to everybody, friends will add tags by attending to your profile and tag you victimization words or phrases that describe you, or what you are doing (“happy camper”, “thinker”, “graphic artist” etc.) You’ll receive a notification, prompting you to simply accept or decline your tags. If you settle for, the tags come into view to everyone; if you decline, the tags disappear. Otherwise you might simply ignore the notification (cough, rather like you are doing with sure friend requests), and therefore the tags can stay unfinished, visible solely to you and therefore the friend World Health Organization labeled you. Once approved, different friends will “like” your tags, which is able to seem in declivitous order by the quantity of likes. If you don’t sort of a tag, then you ought not to approve it. Otherwise you will simply leave it hanging and its presence can stay your secret — solely you and therefore the tagger can see it till you resolutely refuse it.

And rather like all different things individuals increase your timeline; this may be one more occasion for a Facebook notification.

With this new feature, Facebook is each pull options from different sites however conjointly adding associate degree other yet one more one more} layer to an already complicated expertise — the social network appears to need to be your one stop-shop for connecting with friends, catching informed news, looking videos, and, with this latest update, perhaps even connecting with strangers World Health Organization have similar interests. However tags can truly be used although, there’s no word however on once Facebook are testing or rolling out the new profile tags elsewhere. per Face book, this feature is presently solely being tested in New island, with no word on once different countries may get to do it.

Why Bit coin Cloud Mining Service Hacked; Database on Sale for Just 1 Bit coin

Why Bit coin Cloud Mining Service Hacked; Database on Sale for Just 1 Bit coin

Bitcoin Cloud Mining service Cloudminr.io has been hacked and its whole user’s information is on sale for one Bitcoin.

The unknown hackers have with success taken full management of web site the web site’s server and damaged the homepage of the website.

Users visiting the web site area unit greeted with a damaged homepage showing the partial information of around one thousand shoppers as well as their usernames and unencrypted passwords in utterly plain text format.

This clearly indicates that the corporate isn’t following the simplest security practices to secure their users personal information because the passwords weren’t even hashed before storing into the information.

Hackers giving around 80,000 user’s information for 1BTC

The information of one thousand users shown on the web site homepage is simply a sample given by the hackers whereas they need compromised around 80,000 user’s information in total from the cloud mining service.

The hackers area unit giving the complete information of thousands of users for the simply 1BTC, that can be a goldmine for cyber-criminals and spammers.

So far, there are not any details on whether or not Bit coin wallets or just elements of the web site server were compromised.

Now You Can Use How To Whatsapp without Any Number

Now You Can Use How To Whatsapp without Any Number

Do you wish to use Whatsapp while not mobile number? If you are doing then I’m sharing a guide with you nowadays which is able to assist you the way to use Whatsapp while not exploitation your number. Nowadays whatsapp is one in all the vital a part of our life as we tend to daily create chats with our friends through this app. As you all apprehend that you just need to register your variety to access whatsapp. However suppose if you may be able to use it while not registering any variety, looks not possible, however it’s potential. You’ll be able to register your whatsapp with none coming into the quantity details within the whatsapp. Simply follow up the below post to proceed.

Just accept exploitation whatsapp while not registering any variety, which will be terribly cool as you may be exploitation the whatsapp anonymously.

Steps to Use Whatsapp while not Registering any variety:-

1. First of all, Save your complete Whatsapp information to your phone and uninstall the prevailing Whatsapp account.

2. Now, switch your phone to heavier-than-air craft Mode then transfer and Install new Whatsapp on your phone.

3. After that, go along with on-screen directions and place your number there, don’t it’ll not send the message as your phone is on flight mode.

4. Now, it’ll raise you to pick an alternate methodology to pick for verification of your variety. Then you would like to pick Check through SMS.

5. Afterwards, enter your email address and click on Submit button. Then at once click on Cancel button.

6. Now you would like to put in spoof messages apps for your device. If you have got

IPhone then install Fake-A-Message and

If you have got humanoid phone then install Spoof Text Message.

7. After that, attend Outbox and send the detail to spoofed verifications. Use these details for that; to: +447900347295 From: Country Code, Mobile variety and Message: You’re Email ID.

8. Now, these details are going to be sent thereto false variety and you will use that variety for the verification of your Whatsapp account.

9. Done!

So on top of is all concerning the strategy for a way To Use Whatsapp while not registering any variety? By this methodology you be able to simply use whatsapp while not registering any variety as you’ll be able to chat anonymously together with your friends. And you’ll be able to merely implement this methodology by simply following the few steps that we have mentioned on top of. Hope you prefer the trick and don’t forget to share this cool whatsapptrick together with your friends. Leave a comment below if you facing any bother at any step.