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We are a privately held information security company which excels in providing services and products which helps to "de-risk your business". Established in 2012, we offer services which can be tailored purely as per the requirement of our customers. This helps in providing you the True and Beneficial Consulting and Services. The organization was formed by information security professionals having a renowned experience in this domain.

Create An Email Draft As Multiple Copies In Gmail

You have composed a draft inside Gmail and would like to send the same email message to multiple people, separately. The subject, the email body, the attachments remain unchanged and the only thing that differs in each message is the recipient’s email address. Maybe you are sending your résumé to multiple companies. How can you do this without having to copy-paste the subject and body of the draft message multiple times?

multiple copies of mail

When you compose a draft email in Gmail and hit the Send button, the email is automatically removed from the Drafts folder and moved to the Sent Items folder of Gmail. Unlike Microsoft Outlook, Gmail doesn’t offer an option to create multiple copies of an existing email message.

Create Duplicate Email Messages in Gmail

There are two easy ways to create duplicate draft emails inside Gmail. You can either use Mail Merge for Gmail or, if you are looking for a more simple one-click option, use my new Duplicate Gmail web app written with Google Scripts.

Here’s how to get started.

  1. Open your Gmail mailbox, compose a new email message and save it as a draft.
  2. Go to com/duplicate and authorize the app to access your Gmail account. This is necessary since the app will read your Gmail drafts and create copies inside your Gmail account.

The Gmail clone tool works on both desktop and mobile phone so you can copy email messages on a mobile phone as well.

To quickly clone a message to send separately to someone else, select the source draft from the drop-down, then select the number of copies you wish to have and click the Create Drafts button. The copied drafts will include the complete contents of the original message, including file attachments and inline images.

If you would like to create more copies of the draft, reload the page and repeat the steps. Internally, the app uses the Gmail API to create drafts.

Shopping Portal Development Services

In today’s techno-driven time, usage of web in the business period activities has add to the strong base of Global business environment. Complex business environment of the world has wound up less troublesome as a result of use of online presentation of business procedures. Doorway headway of business has helped the customers, laborers and diverse business accessories at mind blowing degree for perception the complex business offers that are obliged to be grasped for the smooth running of business.

shopping portal

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A b2b passageway or a business to business entryway is a given online spot which gives a stage to the buyers and traders to lead business works out. It goes about as a base for customers, suppliers, traders and wholesalers to get business information and a street for online trades. Such an entrance is an alternate age miracle and a level out requirement for any overall business.

A B2B web entrance is a total of site pages where both gigantic scale suppliers and buyers can show themselves to begin business works out. It acts like a support where traders can show their thing characteristics, expense and the base appeal recognized to draw in boundless scale wholesalers or merchants all around.

B2B cms development in Delhi-NCR  are versatile to use as demonstrated by business necessities as it allows the alteration activities to upgrade the presentation of thing & organizations of the business. They are definitely not hard to keep up and licenses modified and specific changes for the progression of the business. Presentation is must for any business and passages are the best mode of presentation of business strategies.

At Our Portal Development organizations consolidate, capable doorway headway, B2B portal change, , B2C entrance change, b2b portal development company in Delhi NCR, web entryway improvement, land entrance advancement, informal communication entryway improvement at aggressive costs.

Our framework and make web sections for its overall clients in diverse business verticals. Our door progression organizations consolidate travel portal change, land entrance headway, B2B (Business to Business) passageways, B2C (Business to Consumer) passages, ecommerce gateway change and Portal Maintenance. We offers end to end plans with its tremendous experience to fabricate instinctive and compelling entrances for its customers. Our offers passage change courses of action according to client necessities and offers taking after courses of action:

  • Travel Portal Development
  • Job Portal Development
  • Real Estate Portal Development
  • Entertainment Portal Development
  • B2B section change
  • B2C section change
  • E-exchange Portal


10,000 Scholarships to Start 10,000 Cyber Security Careers

Now more than ever, cyber security is a top-of-mind issue for business, students, and even United States presidential candidates. With billions of bytes of data connecting to the Internet every day, our information needs more protection and security than ever before.


For more than 47 percent of businesses surveyed by CSI

, IT security is a hiring priority; by 2019, there will be a global shortage of two million cyber security professionals. And for students looking to break into the industry, IT security represents a tremendous opportunity; the same survey found that cyber security careers are the third-highest paying jobs in all of IT.

Omar Shaban, Director, Global Operations Cisco Networking Academy, recognizes the growing need for talent all around the world. “At a macro level, any country you go to, developed or developing, talk to the minister of labor or the president, and there are three top-of-mind areas,” he said. “One is security, physical and cyber, two is around the creation of jobs, and three is around education.”

That’s why in June, Cisco announced a new $10 million Global Cybersecurity Scholarship. The goal of the program, which officially launched in August, is to create 10,000 new cybersecurity jobs. More than that, it’s goal is to prepare students, professionals, and those looking to re-skill with the necessary certifications and knowledge to thrive in today’s digital economy.

Shaban believes the program is essential in the face of digitization. “It is changing industries,” he said. “Every engineer in healthcare and every electrician will need to know something about networking. It will create new jobs and change existing jobs.”

As part of the program, Cisco will invest $10 million in updating curriculum, providing new, cybersecurity-specific courses, and delivering the coursework to students around the globe. Students commit to a three-month training program, which includes:

  • Access to 2 online, instructor-led courses with assessments
  • Mentoring to prepare for the brand new CCCNA Cyber Ops certification exam
  • Waived exam fees

“The scholarship is a great opportunity to take all of the wonderful things we’re doing in the Cisco Networking Academy and the Cisco Learning Network and expand on them,” Shaban said. “We’re providing new students and students who have finished an even more advanced-level of training advanced opportunities for in-demand careers.”

If you are at least 18 years old, proficient in English, and planning a career in IT cybersecurity, apply for the scholarship today!

Google-Branded Smartphones Are Coming to India and Other Markets

Google is getting ready to release smartphones under its own brand, with the launch likely to be scheduled for early next month, Gadgets 360 has learnt from its sources. Later in September, these smartphones will be available in a handful of countries, including India, with details of rollout to other markets unclear at this point.

Google Smart Phone

Gadgets 360 understands that Google will unveil two Android Nougat-running smartphones, one sporting a 5-inch display, with the other having a 5.5-inch screen size. A source that saw units of the two smartphones in India recently said that smartphones will come in 32GB and 128GB variants, but could not confirm other specifications.

These sizes and storage capacities match the leaked specifications of the two ‘Nexus’ smartphones Sailfish and Marlin that have been floating around for a while, though Gadgets 360 understands these smartphones will not be released carrying the Nexus moniker. Instead, Google will launch the smartphones under its own brand, though they may be manufactured by HTC, a fact Gadgets 360 has not been able to independently confirm. Emails sent to Google on the subject remained unanswered. Read More….







Source : gadgets.ndtv

Search Engine Marketing: Your key to online visibility

Search Engine marketing is a great method of advertising a product to a tremendous base of web users via a simple key phrase research. It offers with contextual promoting as well as paid placement to enhance on-line net visibility. Nonetheless, this type of marketing presents multitude of other advantages, some of which include the next:

search engine marketing

Helps maintain consistent and targeted traffic online

Being a marketer, it is your top responsibility to unfold your marketing message to maximum humans viable. Search Engine Marketing makes a website competent sufficient to drag a huge base of audience and while helps in online reputation management. Whilst traditional advertising strategies include specific boundaries, web stays lively 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your internet site’s visibility is maintained for the period of and it might pull traffic in each hour of the day. SEM helps maintain the certain viewers and assists in attaining consistency within the marketing system.
Builds brand image

Brand image isn’t handiest about increasing the repute of a targeted services or products. It entails improving the market repute of a firm ordinarily. When your website appears on the highest in search engine results page, its manufacturer picture is developed and becomes extra outstanding. With extra users coming and viewing your manufacturer on serps, you manufacturer gains more relevance and reputation.
Rapid and economical implementation

Search Engine Marketing CSI is relatively cost-efficient than other forms of advertising media. It can do wonders for low budget small companies. As the entire process works online, it is easier to reach  larger audience in less time as well as with limited resources

Ad-scheduling and Geo-targeting

The two most efficient features of SEM are Geo-targeting and Ad-scheduling. While the former enables the marketers to promote their advertisements in locations where their services are available in the world, the latter, that is, Ad-scheduling process helps decide upon the date, time and frequency of an advertisement.

High flexibility and measurability

A remarkable advantage of Search Engine Marketing is not its fast implementation, but its facility of being successfully evaluated and measured. This category of marketing is enormously agile and can be measured to assess the effect that an ad campaign can have on its target audience. Based on the response received, marketing focus can then be changed accordingly.

Search Engine advertising is an superb device to develop relevance of a industry online. Working as your SEO experts Connecticut, we at Limelight Leads offer complete search engine advertising and marketing and optimization services to support your online business acquire on-line consciousness.

5 interesting facts that might surprise you about technology

There are numerous things about technological which may or may not be known to you . This is a small article about some earlier technologies come in our life.

technology facts

So i suppose it’ll support you become aware of some fact about technology that could surprise you.In this article there may be many things which possibly recognized to you however i will be able to assure you that you’re going to go through probably the most facts that you’ve yet now not come across.

So,i hope you’ll show your interest and revel in studying this article which would definitely help you.

1. The average computer  user blinks 7 times a minute, less than half the normal rate of 20 times.


  1. The first computer Mouse was invented by Doug Engelbart in around 1964 and was  made of wood.


3. On an average work day, a typist’s fingers travel 12.6 miles.


4. The domain name www.youtube.com was registered on Feburary 14, 2005


9. Facebook was earlier known as The Facebook.

facebook old


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Ubuntu Linux is the Most Popular…

How to add Disk Cleanup to the Right-Click Menu in Windows

Windows needs time to time touch by Disk Cleanup Utility because as the time passes Windows PC collects lots of junk and temporary files which are cause of slowdown of your computer.

disk cleaner


Normally when you want to access the Disk Cleanup tool, you usually have to either find it through the start menu, or open up the drive properties window. Instead of going through all that, we can use a simple registry hack to add a menu item to the drive right-click menu.

Using the Tips:

After installation, you can simply right-click on a drive and choose “Disk Cleanup” from the menu:

image csi 1

If you are using Windows 7 or Vista, you’ll be asked whether you want to clean up your files or all files…


And then disk cleanup will begin:

image csi 3

Manual Registry Hack

Open up regedit through the start menu search or run box, and then browse down to the following key:


imagw csi 4

Create a new key called “diskcleanup” and set the default value to “Disk Cleanup”. Then create another key underneath it called “command” and set the value to the following:

cleanmgr.exe /d %1

The change should be immediate, just right-click on the drive and you should see the new menu item.

Downloadable Registry Hack

Simply download, extract, and double-click on DiskCleanupDriveMenu.reg to enter the information into the registry. You can use the included RemoveDiskCleanupDriveMenu.reg file to reverse the changes.

Download DiskCleanupDriveMenu Registry Hack


Amazing secret trick will give any Android phone a huge speed boost

We could spend all day counting all of the things that make Android a great platform, but for real smartphone enthusiasts, the operating system’s tweak ability is surely somewhere near the top of the list. If there’s functionality you’re looking for that your Android smartphone doesn’t have out of the box, the odds are pretty good that an app or a tweak is waiting to solve your problem.


Among the thousands and thousands of great tweaks out there though, there’s one in particular that is likely the easiest, simplest and most impactful, giving your Android phone a huge speed boost in a matter of seconds with no third-party software required.

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Late last month, we showed you how to access a number of secret hidden menus on your iPhone or Android phone. Now, it’s time to put that new knowledge to good use.

Whether you have an old clunker of an Android phone or a brand new flagship handset like the Galaxy S6 or HTC One M9, there is one thing that holds true across the board: your phone can be faster. That’s right… as fast as Samsung and HTC’s new premium smartphones feel out of the box, they can still move even quicker.

And you’ll be shocked at how easy it is to speed them up without any third-party software, complicated “rooting” or other complex hacks.

Here’s what you need to do:

First, you’ll need to enable access to the hidden “Developer options” menu on your Android phone. To do that, simply tap the “About phone” option in Settings. Then tap “Build number” seven times and you’re done. Now you can just back out to the main Settings menu and you’ll find Developer options somewhere near the bottom of the list.

Now that you’re done with that part, the real fun begins. Tap the new Developer options menu you just enabled and scroll until you see the following three settings (note that they may be located within an “Advanced” subsection):

Window animation scale

Transition animation scale

Animator animation scale

See them? By default, each of those three options is set to “1x” but tapping them and changing them to “.5x” will dramatically speed up your phone. This harmless tweak forces the device to speed up all transition animations, and the entire user experience is faster and smoother as a result.

We covered this simple tweak about a year ago on the site, and people were blown away by the difference it makes. As such, it clearly bears repeating — once you perform this quick tweak, you won’t know how you ever lived without it.






Source: bgr

5 Benefits of a Good CRM

CRM programs have been around for a long time, but many sales teams have been slow to adopt them. Now is a good time to consider a few of the benefits. Both you and your sales team can find your jobs much easier with a good CRM program to support you.


1Save Time

A CRM automates plenty of the usual time-devouring, non-income-related tasks, giving salespeople extra time to do what they’re certainly paid to do: namely, sell to potentialities. More time spent in front of potential consumers (as an alternative to shuffling paper) method more income, which makes all people completely happy.

2.  Look Professional

Which do you consider looks higher to a prospect: a salesman who continues all their understanding in a computer database and can pull up valuable small print immediately, or one who continues their information on publish-It notes and has to scramble for ten minutes just to find the scheduled appointment time? Many CRMs can also be accessed remotely through the smartphone, so your salesperson can pull up know-how correct in the core of a presentation if needed.

3.  Save Money

Sure, the more impressively arrayed CRMs can cost a lot of money. But if you don’t need quite that much technology working for you, it’s easy to find less expensive or even free alternatives. And just think how much you’ll save on Post-It notes if you’re putting all that information into the computer instead

4.  Faster Lead Generation

A good CRM can help enormously with lead generation. For instance, many CRMs can integrate with website and social media campaigns, sending leads from these sources directly to the appropriate salesperson. That means the sales team is spending less time cold calling and more time working warm leads, which tend to be far more fruitful. And by tracking each salesperson’s activities, it can keep lead lists up to date – so that you don’t have five different salespeople calling the same lead.

How to Improve Your Computer’s Performance Works Only Under These Conditions

Tips for Speeding Up Your PC

Few things are as irritating as dealing with a slow, sluggish laptop. When a PC is brand new, it really works wonderfully good. Over time, though, its efficiency can slowly start to aggravate. This happens for a quantity of explanations, but the biggest culprits are things like spyware, adware and other computer threats which can be unwittingly downloaded along with different content even as on-line. You don’t must download thousands of MP3s, movies or other objects to experience these problems, either – nobody is proof against them. Alternatively, of accepting the quandary, there are plenty of techniques and systems that you should utilize to make it higher – some of the satisfactory ones are outlined under.


Strategy #1: Clean Your Computer’s Windows Registry

The biggest cause of slow, sluggish PC efficiency is errors and problems inside its windows registry. Adware, spyware, and other threats most often target the registry, hazardous or misplacing most important records inside it. With regards to computer cleansing, an everyday home windows registry cleaning will have to be in the prime of your record of priorities. However, this must on no account be done manually – there are too many possibilities for important mistakes that could seriously injury your computer’s operating method. As a substitute, spend money on an excessive-pleasant home windows registry cleanup software and configure it to run once per day – you won’t suppose the difference that it makes.

Strategy #2: Remove Unneeded Files

Every time you log on to the Internet or otherwise use your computer, temporary files are generated. They are usually only needed once; however, they don’t disappear on their own. Instead, they accumulate over time until they are cluttering up your computer’s file system and affecting its performance. While it’s possible to remove these files one-by-one, it’s much easier and quicker to use a PC cleaning tool that’s designed for the purpose. Try to do so about one time per week to keep your computer humming along with ease.

Strategy #3: Remove Unneeded Programs

Like many people, you probably download and try out many different programs each month. How many of them do you actually end up using on a regular basis? Chances are, not very many of them. By getting into the habit of uninstalling unused and unneeded programs, you can keep your computer’s file system a lot less cluttered. In turn, your PC’s performance will improve dramatically. You can optimize your computer in this way by using its Add/Remove Programs feature. Its location varies by operating system, but you should be able to find it somewhere in the Control Panel.

Strategy #4: Empty the Recycle Bin

When you click on “delete” on a file or an application, it doesn’t go away for just right – now not instantly, anyway. Alternatively, it sits in a variety of purgatory for your computer’s Recycle Bin. As matters pile up within the Recycle Bin, your computer can start exhibiting some very stressful problems. If sluggish startups and standard crashes are occurring with increasing frequency – and your computer’s recycle bin could be very full – go ahead and empty it. From then on, get into the addiction of doing so about one time per week. This small however essential technique could make a large difference.

Strategy #5: Perform a Disk Defragmentation

Windows isn’t very effective in relation to storing records. It genuinely splits them up, depositing them into some thing spaces are available. The more spaced apart the pieces of a file are, the harder your computer has to work to make them run. The Windows disk defragmentation process tune-up utility works to piece all of those files back together once more. The system is a protracted one, though, and handiest wants to be done about 4 instances per year. Set it as much as run routinely once every three months. Through doing so, you’ll be equipped to maintain your laptop walking in tiptop form.

When it comes to keeping your computer running optimally, small but regular maintenance is the best way to go. Protecting your PC only does so much; even the most careful Internet users in the world unintentionally download malicious software from time to time. By using basic system tune-up tools, cleaning your computer’s Windows registry regularly, performing regular file-cleaning maintenance and otherwise optimizing your PC, you should be able to keep it in like-new condition for a lot longer. Even if your computer has been performing slowly for some time, beginning this regimen is sure to produce results. In the end, you’ll be able to enjoy a computer that flies along – instead of one that spins its wheels.