Common Uses of F1 to F12 keys in Windows

In this tutorial, you will learn Common features or Uses of F1 to F12 keys, and likewise, how to operate keys can be utilized with the combination of CTRL and ALT keys.

Several Uses of F1 to F12 Keys in Window:

f1 to f12

F1 key:
  • F1 Key Almost always used for“Help”, almost each program opens a help window when this key is pressed.
  • Windows Key + F1 keys will open the Microsoft Windows help and support center.
  • Sometimes F1 key is also used to enter BIOS (press F1 when your computer is boot).
F2 Key:
  • Quickly rename the selected file, folder, and icon in all versions of Windows.
  • Ctrl + F2 – open the print preview window in MS Word.
  • Alt + Ctrl + F2 – opens document window in MS Word.
  • Commonly enter the BIOS.
F3 key:
  • Windows Key+ F3 – Advanced Search window opens in MS Outlook.
  • Shift + F3 – change the text in MS Word from upper to lower case or capital letter at the starting of every word.
  • Often open a search feature for several programs including MS Windows when at the Windows.
  • Open Mission Control on Apple computer running Mac OS X.
F4 key:
  • Open find Screen in Windows 95 to Window XP.
  • F4 Open the address bar in Internet Explorer and Windows or File Explorer.
  • Repeat the same last activity completed (MS Word 2000+)
  • Alt + F4 – close the currently opened program in Window.
  • Ctrl + F4 – close the currently open tab or window in the currently active program in Microsoft Windows.
F5 Key:
  • Refresh the current page in Internet browsers and desktop in MS Window.
  • Running a slideshow in MS PowerPoint.
  • F5 Open the screen to find and replace and go in MS Word.
F6 key:
  • Move the cursor in the Address bar in almost Internet Browser such as Internet Explorer,Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox etc.
  • Ctrl + Shift + F6 – work as opens MS Word File in MS Word.
F7 key:
  • Commonly used to spelling & grammar in MS Word, Outlook etc.
F8 key:
  • F8 key used to enter the startup menu in Windows, usually, it used to enter Windows Safe Mode.
F9 key:
  • F9 used to Send and receive e-mail in MS Outlook.
  • Refresh document file in MS Word.
F10 key:
  • F10 Key activates the menu bar in currently open Program in MS Window.
  • Shift + F10 key works similarly as the right click of the mouse.
  • Enter CMOS Setup.
  • F10 key is used to access the hidden recovery partition on Sony computers
F11 key:
  • Pressing F11 Key will Enter and exit full-screen mode in all Internet browsers and almost another computer programs.
  • In Mac OS 10.4 or advanced, hides open programs and shows the Desktop Screen.
F12 key:
  • Ctrl + Shift + F12 – Prints a document in Microsoft Word.
  • The f12 key will open up Inspect element box in any Browser.
  • Open the “Save As” window in MS Word.
  • Ctrl + F12 opens a document file in MS Word.
  • Shift + F12 works same as Ctrl + S (Save File) in MS Word document.
  • Ctrl + Shift + F12 works same as Ctrl + P (Print Document)  in MS Word.
  • Open internet browser debugs tool or Firebug.


Fn (Function Key) + F1, F2 …. F12 keys will usually work as Printed on the particular keys; this is mostly for Laptop Users.

These above are common uses of F1 to F12 keys in MS windows, if you know some more uses, please leave a comment below.


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