Hacking & Security

What is Hacking?

Hacking is the act of breaking in to a computer system and is a criminal offence under the computer misuse.

The really simple definition of hacking: is gaining an unauthorized access to a computer system.

Hacking, for the most part is about learning how a system works and how to make it do things it wasn’t designed to do, or you haven’t got the privileges to do. 


Usually people instantly think hacking is gaining access into a server, taking a copy of a credit card database or some other attack. This is one end of the spectrum. The other end (the most common end), is perhaps best reflected in wireless routers. A hacker buys a Linksys router, realises that the hardware is extraordinarily limited, and then flashes it and installs new firmware and after a few more tweaks is able to have a cheap router doing the job of a very expensive cisco router.

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