How to Create Windows 8 Bootable USB

There are lots of ways to installing an operating system to pc and laptops. Many of the folks set up window or working procedure via using bootable CD/DVD of windows. But we are able to also do it with bootable devices. We don’t requirement to put in windows very most likely and on this situation, it is so problematic to hold secure this bootable disc and recollect where you will have we stored it once we want it. Right here i need to inform you some steps to make windows eight Bootable USB

windows 8

Also, after utilizing numbers of times of a window disc when we are putting in window we see some error whatever like saying that one of the necessary set up file is missing from the disc and setup cannot be continued. This predicament occurs due to the fact of scratches on disc surface in view that disc is just too historic to use after many uses.

After all these, one problem we see some time that not all Computers and laptops have working CD or DVD Drives. This creates a major issue for those peoples who want to install window via Disc, So today here i bring some easy steps to Create Windows 8 Bootable USB.

I here accept that you already have ISO image of Windows 7 or 8 of which you want to Create Bootable Pen drive.
Follow these Simple five steps:

Step 1: Download Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool and install it on your system. This tool is available for free of cost from Microsoft Corporation, so you can get it from there also. Despite its name, this Microsoft Corporation tool works with Windows 8 ISOs. You can use this tool for several versions of Windows.
Step 2: After downloading this tool, install and Run it , after this you need to Browse file explorer and give the path of the ISO file where it is located in your system.
Step 3: Now select where you want to create a bootable DVD for windows or bootable pen drive. Here you want to select USB device just because you want to make bootable pen drive.
Step 4: Now browse and select the pen drive which you need to make bootable. Before this make sure that the pen drive has at least 4 gb free. Now click on Begin to start Copying.
Step 5: Once you begin copying the files, the tool will automatically start creating bootable Windows 8 USB installer flash drive with the use of the Windows 8 ISO. Waiting till this process has complete; finally when you see the message “Bootable USB Device created successfully”, you can restart your computer or laptop and boot from the USB drive.

So this was my Quick and easy tutorial on how you Create Windows 8 Bootable USB, Hope that this will really help you.


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