How to Create Unrenamable and Undeletable Folders in Windows

Have you ever concept that how one can create a folder can’t be deleted or renamed? Satisfactory, if you need, then you are in the proper situation. With the help of this trick, you are going to be able to make folders in windows which can’t be deleted or renamed.

In these days each person desires its privacy in the laptop as every person wishes to secure their data and fundamental files within the laptop procedure. Listed here you will learn a simple trick to create an unrenamable and undeletable Folder for your PC. Maximum of the persons is not aware that it is possible to make Undeletable or Unrenamable folder in home windows without any software help.

Try to create a new folder in windows with the aid of the identity of the con, aux, lpt1, lpt2, lpt3, lpt4 up to lpt9. You won’t be able to create a folder with above names, on account that they are some reserved words in windows. To experiment this trick, effectively comply with steps given under:

Undeletable and Unrenamable Folders

How to Create Undeletable and Unrenamable Folders in Window?

Step 1: Go to Start and then Click on Run. You can directly go by pressing Window key + R.

Step 2: Type cmd in run command and press enter (To open Command Prompt). Remember that you can’t create Undeletable & unrenamable folder in your root directory or root folder (i.e. where the windows is installed on your PC) that means these types of folders can’t be created on the same drive in which your windows is being installed.


Step 3: Type D: or E: and hit enter.

Step 4: Type md con\ and press enter key (md -make directory & don’t forget to use \ (backslash) at the end of folder name).

cmd 2

Step 5: You may use other words like as aux, lpt1, lpt2, lpt3, lpt4 up to lpt9 instead of the con in above step.

Step 6: Now open that directory; you will get the folder created with the name con.

Step 7: Try to delete that folder or rename that folder windows will show the error message.

Now Windows will make an undeletable and unrenamable folder in the drive which you select in step 3.

How to delete that same folder?

You can’t delete that folder manually, but you can delete this folder by following these steps:

Step 1: Open the Command Prompt.

Step 2: Type the drive name where you create folder like D: (if you created this type of folder in D: drive) and Press enter.

Step 3: Type rd con\ (rd – remove directory). Here con is folder name so use folder name which you want to delete. It may be aux, lpt1, lpt2, lpt3, lpt4 up to lpt9.

Windows Compatibility: This trick works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 8.1.

By following above steps you can easily create a undeletable folder where you can keep secure your personal data that is pics, audio, videos and other important files etc. Hope you like the post; don’t forget to share this post with your friends and leave a comment below if you are facing any problems at any step in the process discussed above

Via following above steps that you could without problems create a undeletable folder the place you can preserve comfortable your personal knowledge that is photographs, audio, videos and different fundamental files and so on. Hope you like the put up; don’t forget to share this put up along with your acquaintances and depart a comment below if you’re going through any issues at any step in the process discussed above.

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