The shocking news World’s biggest IOS Malware Hack, 225k Apple Account Passwords Stolen

Researchers have found that hackers have purloined over 250,000 valid Apple accounts exploitation associate degree IOS malware named Key Raider. However, this threat solely affects the jail broken devices.


Here could be a news which may worry you if you lately jail broke your phone. The analysis team at town networks and WeipTech has undraped a brand new IOS malware named Key Raider that has helped the hackers to steal 250,000 valid Apple accounts. This IOS malware heist is that the largest of its kind.

Recently, the researchers have known concerning ninety two samples of a brand new IOS malware family within the wild. They analyzed the suspicious Apple IOS tweaks reported by users and located a various range of Apple accounts and passwords hold on a server. The Key Raider iOS malware targets the jail broken IOS phones and is unfold exploitation the wide in style Cydia app repositories. This app is employed to transfer apps and manage the jail broken I Phones.

According to the town Network Security Company , this threat has compact users from eighteen countries that embrace the likes of France, Russia, USA, China, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, Israel, Italy, Spain, Singapore, and Asian country. This IOS malware hooks system method through Mobile Substrate and takes away account usernames, passwords and GUID by paying attention to iTunes traffic on the device.

Palo Alto writes:

Key Raider steals Apple push notification service certificates and personal keys, steals and shares App Store getting data, and disables native and remote unlocking functionalities on I Phones and I Pads.

The malware was reported  as a result of weirdly behaving App Store as when finding multiple unauthorized App Store purchases, a student from China noticed  that one tweak was uploading information to associate degree unknown information. Actually, the Key Raider IOS malware has purloined this information and uploaded the info to its command and management (C2) server.  This server itself contains flaws and exposes the data.

Key Raider IOS malware is accustomed get apps associate degreed remotely lock an IOS device and elicit ransom.

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It ought to be noted that this IOS malware solely works in jail broken devices and most of the users appear to be situated in China. Thus, jail breaking your IOS device may be an excellent thanks to bring new apps and icons, however it’s equally dangerous.


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