How to Disable Windows 10, Updates – 5 Different Methods

Windows ten forced updates square measure one in every of the foremost arguable options of the OS and also the company has been facing abundant flak over this issue. Today, I’m aiming to tell you five totally different ways to disable Windows ten forced updates.


Each I tend took us square measure given with the new numbers that claim that additional and additional user’s square measure hopping upon the Windows ten train. This was attainable due the straightforward and sleek upgrade method by Microsoft. If you continue to haven’t got Windows ten upgrade, you’ll be able to ask out easy and useful Windows ten upgrade tutorial.

However, amid all the new options and sleek upgrade method, some controversies were absolute to be available in the limelight. Actually, it’s a protracted list- ranging from forced updates to shadowy privacy policies. Redmond fiddled with the concept of Windows ten forced updates to create the OS additional stable and economical. Windows ten professional users have the choice to delay Windows ten forced updates, however if you’re victimization Windows ten Home, you can’t do abundant regarding it.

However, nice in intentions, the updates don’t estimate this fashion and have caused issues to the users.

So, the question remains: a way to disable Windows ten forced updates?

Today, we tend to square measure aiming to tell you the solution to the current question by four totally different and helpful ways. These ways to disable Windows ten forced updates provide you with additional management as a user:

Method 1: Mark your LAN association as metered to disable Windows ten forced updates

I’ve already written regarding this methodology very well during a previous article. Visit this link to disable Windows ten forced updates by marking your LAN association as metered.

Method 2: Stop the Windows ten update service from the startup

In reality, Windows ten updates square measure simply another Windows method. So, you’ll be able to stop this method victimization these easy steps:

1. To create changes in startup to disable Windows ten forced updates, open the Run command by pressing Windows + R. Now, sort services.msc and hit Enter.

2. Now, within the list of processes, set the Windows Update service and open it by clicking.

3. To disable it, below the final tab, realize Startup sort and alter it to disable.

Method 3: Windows ten Home patch enables you to shut down automatic app updates

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This option works just for the app updates. If you would like to continue receiving Windows ten security updates and bug fixes, you’ll be able to use this methodology. In the accumulative Update five, Microsoft has enabled the choice to show off the automated app updates. If you don’t have this patch, head to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and confirm to receive the most recent Windows patches.

After this, open the shop app and click on the Profile button within the toolbar. Here you’ll be able to toggle the switch of automatic updates to disable Windows ten forced updates.

Method 4: Disable forced Windows ten updates by creating changes within the cluster Policy Editor

The option to disable Windows ten forced updates is invisible by default. However, you’ll be able to tweak few settings within the cluster Policy Editor to re-enable the pleasant choice to stop your pc from downloading the updates from Microsoft.

(Windows ten Home users can’t use this feature because it is merely for Preview builds of Windows ten Education, professional and Enterprise editions.)

Follow these easy steps to create the hidden settings visible and disable Windows ten forced updates:

1. Within the Windows ten desktop search, sort cluster Policy Editor and open the tool.

2. Realize the pc Configuration and click on the executive Templates folder to expand it.

3. Currently choose All Settings then realize the set up Automatic Updates entry within the new window.

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Method 5: Disable specific Windows ten updates. After facing abundant Microsoft flak over the forced updates, Redmond has additionally free a tool that permits the users to disable or hide a particular Windows ten update. You only ought to transfer this tool from Microsoft’s web site and install the tool. Follow the directions and disable the problematic updates as a neighborhood of the disable Windows ten forced updates.


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