China Launching Hack Proof Quantum Communications Network In 2016

In the dawn of recent warfare of delicate cyber intrusions, China is prepared and set to use world’s initial and largest hack proof quantum communication network. The unhackable quantum communication networks are going to be launched in 2016 and can stretch from Peking to Shanghai.


After whistle-blower Edward Snowden’s revelations, the complete world was conscious of America’s sinister plans to focus on “network backbones” worldwide. China as its counter is currently a step nearer to style and uses the world’s most secure encoding technology for communication.

The “network backbones” square measure cyberspace grids wherever an enormous quantity of information is transferred and if vulnerable, might create a heavy threat to any nation. China has claimed of golf stroke to use a replacement “unhackable” quantum network which will stretch from Peking to Shanghai by 2016.

Although the quantum communication technology was initial planned by IBM scientists within the Nineteen Eighties, the technical limitations like maintaining the quits dynamic quantum state like their spin over massive distances, rendered the concept to a slumber.

There had been a recent surge in developing Quantum computers however within the wake of the cyber intrusions. China can become the primary country to use the encrypted quantum communication network on such an oversized scale. Reports recommend that by 2030, Chinese super secure network can extend across the world.

Xinhua, the official agency for China aforementioned the network would specifically be employed by the establishments that might be the potential targets like central government, military and important business establishments like banks. Later, the hack proof quantum communication network is going to be extended to general use similarly.

China has progressed within the quantum technology field owing to major funding to its analysis and development programs. Many different countries like Japan, Canada, EU and even the US square measure reaching to launch quantum communication satellites.

The stress is set on developing a quantum communication network as a result of the system is hack proof and unbreakable, in theory. If anyone tries to intercept the encoding key, the quits physical state are going to be altered and also the info lost. Also, an alarm is going to be triggered to alert the communicators.

So primarily, the new hack-proof quantum communication networks are going to be the larger and bidder version of Enigma.

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