How to Enable God Mode in Windows and Its Complete Features

What is GodMode?


Windows God Mode is Associate in Nursing recent trick, however I believed it’d be nice to share it with our readers United Nations agency don’t understand it as Windows ten is discharged. Also, I’ll be telling concerning all God Mode folders here, not simply one. Windows God Mode, because the name suggests, provides you a route and grander access to numerous electrical device settings. It’s additionally called the Windows Master electrical device route (All Tasks) or All Tasks folder by completely different folks.

By creating this God Mode folder, you’ll get access to all or any the settings of the electrical device in your OS inside one folder. This hack was 1st unconcealed in 2007 and it works in operation systems more than Windows panorama i.e. Window 7, Window 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows ten.

As you’ll acumen to try and do it, you’ll bump into the step of renaming the folder and victimization the phrase “God Mode”. Actually, God Mode name has nothing to try and do with this trick. Use your name rather than God Mode and it’ll work simply fine as a result of God Mode is simply a reputation given to the present trick because it got fashionable.

Note: you’ll be able to alter God Mode victimization this trick in Windows panorama Window seven, Window 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows ten.

How to alter all God Mode folders?

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There are lots a lot of to the present God Mode trick. There square measure lots a lot of God Mode folders looking forward to you to utilize them. Copy and paste the script written below in a very new pad file. Rename this file as “godmodes.bat” and paste at the situation wherever you wish these God Mode folders to be. Currently click on the renamed file “godmodes.bat” and there you’ve got an inventory of God Mode folders, all with completely different uses.


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