Samsung’s new sensor to put 16-megapixel cameras into slim phones


Samsung has developed a brand-spanking new sensing element to put a 16-megapixel camera into the slim phones just like the Galaxy A8.

The S5K3P3, Samsung’s new one.0μm-pixel-based sixteen megapixel (Mp) CMOS image sensing element utilizes the company’s proprietary ISOCELL technology to activate the high performance one.0μm pixels. Providing an ideal resolution to today’s more and more agent mobile devices, this tiny component reduces the size and height of a picture sensing element module.

“As a trendsetter within the mobile image sensing element business, we tend to area unit happy to be the primary to deliver the foremost advanced one.0μm-pixel imager, that meets each high-resolution and slim style needs for Smartphone cameras,” same Kyushu Hong, vp and Head of S.LSI promoting at Samsung physics. “Starting with 16Mp sensing element, Samsung plans to any expand one .0μm-pixel product class and lead the image sensing element marketplace for high activity slim mobile devices.”

An ISOCELL-based CMOS imager has been engineered by the Korean company that produces use of terribly little one.0-micron (1 micrometer = one thousandth of 1 millimeter) pixels as critical usual sensors of identical size, that keep company with larger one.2 micrometer pixels, captures additional lightweight by giving the photographs additional clarity, and reduction in noise. This leads to a sensing element that’s twenty p.c slimmer, at associate degree adequate 5mm (0.2 inches) height.

The smaller pixels can possibly lead to slightly lowered image quality; the camera wouldn’t be ready to perform furthermore in dimly-lit environments as compared to larger sensors from Samsung. As for the camera itself, the Galaxy A8 can keep company with Samsung’s ISOCELL (LSI3P3) camera sensing element rather than the Sony IMX240 sensing element.

The ISOCELL technology strikingly reduces unwanted color transfer of neighboring components by adding physical obstacle between every pixel. This leads to higher color fidelity even in dimly-lit conditions, because it primarily will increase lightweight sensitivity and expressly controls the gathering of photons.

The combination of ISOCELL technology with the industry’s smallest one.0μm pixels can offer totally different style choice for the manufactures with the news S5K3P3 image sensing element.

Mobile device manufactures will lay their hands on Samsung’s new S5K3P3 image sensing element offered nowadays to style into their next-generation merchandise.


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