Face book is taking a cue from LinkedIn and testing new “Profile Tags” feature

Face book is taking a cue from LinkedIn and testing new “Profile Tags” feature

Have you ever checked out your Facebook profile page and lamented that the one issue it had been missing was — profile tags? You recognize, just like the ones on LinkedIn that purport to list your skilled skills thus colleagues and potential employers will instantly see what you’re sensible at?

Well, apparently Facebook has come back around to thinking that such tags square measure fascinating for your personal profile, and therefore the Verge is coverage that it’s already started testing the idea on accounts in New Island.

When asked by the school journal whether or not this was real or some quite optical phenomenon, Verge reader Luke M. told Verge that regarding Facebook’s new profile tags feature and therefore the company confirmed it had been testing them out with the subsequent statement: “Profile tags square measure an ingenious tool that enables you to and your friends add tags to your profile to focus on the items that describe you and what you’re into.” Created as a part of an inside Face book hackathon, the new feature can allow you to add tags to your own profile, or let your friends add tags for you, that you want to approve before they become in public visible. Tags square measure free-form, which implies you’ll kind in just about no matter you would like, even as well as emojis.

Just like LinkedIn, you’ll assign tags to yourself, or your friends will assign them at your approval. And being Face book, you’ll produce no matter tag you would like — you ought not to decide from a group list. You’ll even use emoji — which can seemingly be the football player. Once the feature is unrolled to everybody, friends will add tags by attending to your profile and tag you victimization words or phrases that describe you, or what you are doing (“happy camper”, “thinker”, “graphic artist” etc.) You’ll receive a notification, prompting you to simply accept or decline your tags. If you settle for, the tags come into view to everyone; if you decline, the tags disappear. Otherwise you might simply ignore the notification (cough, rather like you are doing with sure friend requests), and therefore the tags can stay unfinished, visible solely to you and therefore the friend World Health Organization labeled you. Once approved, different friends will “like” your tags, which is able to seem in declivitous order by the quantity of likes. If you don’t sort of a tag, then you ought not to approve it. Otherwise you will simply leave it hanging and its presence can stay your secret — solely you and therefore the tagger can see it till you resolutely refuse it.

And rather like all different things individuals increase your timeline; this may be one more occasion for a Facebook notification.

With this new feature, Facebook is each pull options from different sites however conjointly adding associate degree other yet one more one more} layer to an already complicated expertise — the social network appears to need to be your one stop-shop for connecting with friends, catching informed news, looking videos, and, with this latest update, perhaps even connecting with strangers World Health Organization have similar interests. However tags can truly be used although, there’s no word however on once Facebook are testing or rolling out the new profile tags elsewhere. per Face book, this feature is presently solely being tested in New island, with no word on once different countries may get to do it.


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