Feeling bored to choose up the phone and sort out a reply. Well, currently you don’t need to. Victimization the easy ‘OK Google’ voice command, you’ll currently send messages through WhatsApp, Viber, We Chat, and a spread of different apps, to your friends and close to, dear ones.

In April, Google had launched custom voice action command, that allowed users to regulate choose third-party apps just by beginning with the “Ok Google” command. Until now, this has used Hangouts, Google’s default texting application on robot. Google has currently updated their Android-based voice-command system and expanded that practicality to electronic messaging apps, together with WhatsApp, Viber, We Chat, Next Plus and wire.

This upgrade involves the bottom version of the Google currently Launcher, that is accessible within the Google Play app store to most devices free inside the last few years. This update needs solely the latest version that you just have of all apps concerned, and lets users send messages quickly through a spread of free apps by locution, as an example, “OK Google, send a WhatsApp message to John”, when that you may be asked to dictate the contents of that message. However, if either of the apps area unit noncurrent, you’ll simply get a slip message or a bunch of search results.

In addition to the current update, the Google currently launcher permits users to send text messages, emails, and Hangouts messages via the “Ok Google” voice command.

This will work from your home screen like all Google currently options, if you’ve got listening activated. as an alternative, you’ll simply move into the Google app and begin speaking, or use the Google currently crosscut, if you’ve got AN robot device with software-rendered buttons.

This practicality is just accessible in English; but, the great news is that it’s not restricted to the U.S. as is usually the case with new Google options. The corporate says it’ll be operating to feature additional apps and languages “in the long run.”

In January, Google upgraded its main robot app with a giant improvement to Google Now: Serving cards from third-party apps right once they have timely info to supply. Initially, the new practicality was supported by forty apps, and in Gregorian calendar month, Google another seventy additional apps to the combination.

This integration from Google is so a part of a broader push from it on mobile that it’s not simply restricted to voice commands. By gap up its Google app to third-party services, the corporate isn’t solely providing users with additional options however conjointly providing them with AN expertise they cannot get anyplace else.


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