Why Bit coin Cloud Mining Service Hacked; Database on Sale for Just 1 Bit coin

Why Bit coin Cloud Mining Service Hacked; Database on Sale for Just 1 Bit coin

Bitcoin Cloud Mining service Cloudminr.io has been hacked and its whole user’s information is on sale for one Bitcoin.

The unknown hackers have with success taken full management of web site the web site’s server and damaged the homepage of the website.

Users visiting the web site area unit greeted with a damaged homepage showing the partial information of around one thousand shoppers as well as their usernames and unencrypted passwords in utterly plain text format.

This clearly indicates that the corporate isn’t following the simplest security practices to secure their users personal information because the passwords weren’t even hashed before storing into the information.

Hackers giving around 80,000 user’s information for 1BTC

The information of one thousand users shown on the web site homepage is simply a sample given by the hackers whereas they need compromised around 80,000 user’s information in total from the cloud mining service.

The hackers area unit giving the complete information of thousands of users for the simply 1BTC, that can be a goldmine for cyber-criminals and spammers.

So far, there are not any details on whether or not Bit coin wallets or just elements of the web site server were compromised.

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