Hacking Team’ Gets Hacked! 500GB of Data Dumped Without Internet


Yes, typically even the Hackers get hacked.

Hacking Team, one among the foremost polemical spyware and malware suppliers to governments and enforcement agencies all round the world, allegedly been hacked, and with some five hundred gigabytes of internal information leaked over the web.

The leaked information indicates that despite its denials, the spyware company did sell powerful spyware tools to oppressive regimes in Sudan, Bahrain, Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia.

Massive information Breach at Hacking Team

The unknown hackers not solely managed to create five hundred GB of shopper files, money documents, contracts and internal emails, publically out there for transfer, however additionally marred Hacking Team’s own Twitter account, replacement the company emblem to “Hacked Team.”

Hacking Team, additionally referred to as HT S.r.l, is associate degree Italian company identified for providing powerful police investigation package Remote Code System (RCS) to Governments and enforcement agencies.

The company antecedently claimed to solely modify moral governments; though they need ne formally disclosed the list of names and businesses.

However, the info breach happened to Hacking Team seems to own discovered the list of its shoppers somehow.

Hacking Team Twitter Account marred


At the time of writing, the Twitter account joined to Hacking Team is presently compromised, with its new bio reads:

“Developing ineffective, easy-to-pawn offensive technology to compromise the operations of the worldwide enforcement and intelligence communities.”

A tweet composed by unknown hackers reads, “Since we’ve got nothing to cover, we tend to area unit publication all our emails, files, and ASCII text file,” with the link to around 500GB of information.

Leaked information announce on-line.

The leaked information has been uploaded to Bit Torrent, allegedly as well as email communications, audio recordings, and ASCII text file. The info disclosed Hacking Team customers beside the dates of their buying the package.

A few hours later, the list of alleged Hacking Team customers, as well as the past and current shoppers, was announced on Paste bin. The foremost notable and antecedently unknown ones area unit the FBI, Spain, Australia, Chile, and Iraq, among others.

Hacking Team’s Christian Piozzi Twitter Account Hacked

The Twitter account of Christian Piozzi (@christian_pozzi), a Hacking Team representative World Health Organization was in person exposed by the incident, is additionally get hacked couple of minutes past.

Hacking Team has however to verify that it’s been broken which the hacked data is legitimate. As it’s exhausting to mention the leaked information is real with none confirmation from the corporate itself.


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