How To Increase RAM Using USB-Pen drive In PC-Laptop Windows


Here could be thanks to the way to Increase RAM victimization USB/Pen drive. I do know its recent trick however still some individuals tuned in to it that’s why I’m sharing it with you all. As you all understand what’s basic practicality of RAM in your PC/Laptop because the lot of RAM suggests that a lot of speed and quicker your system’s speed.

For vice purpose one would like a lot of RAM. What if you don’t have enough cash to shop for new RAM and also typically there’s no additional slot on your motherboard to setup new RAM conjointly thus times motherboard don’t a lot of RAM that you simply would like so, then however can you upgrade you PC/Laptop’s RAM ?You ought to obtain a brand new PC/Laptop ? Well the solution isn’t any, Today, we’ll share some tips relating to the way to Increase RAM victimization Pen drive in Windows.

Steps to extend RAM victimization USB/Pen drive:-

1.First of all connect your USB/pen drive into your PC/Laptop’s USB port.

2.Now within the desktop good click on the laptop icon so click on the Properties.

3.After this you’ll need to click on Advanced Tab then click on Performance.

4.Now click on Advanced so click on virtual storage.

5.Now choose you pen drive/USB icon so click on Custom size.

6.After that you’ve got to look at the memory out there in your Pen drive/USB and note it down and click on OK.

Restart you Laptop/PC and luxuriate in the quick speed of your system


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