Microsoft Edge: The New Windows 10 Browser


Meet Microsoft’s replacement to its old web browser Internet Explorer. The Project Spartan Web browser for Windows 10 has now an official name — Microsoft Edge.
Yes, Microsoft’s new web browser shipping on all Windows 10 devices, from computers to smartphones and tablets, is dubbed Microsoft Edge.
The company just announced in its Build developer conference that Edge is going to be its primary/default web browser built into Windows 10.

Microsoft Edge is the successor to Internet Explorer and designed to be basic and minimalist for the future.
Highlights of Microsoft Edge:
There aren’t many details about the unique features of Microsoft Edge yet, but here’s what we know about Microsoft Edge so far:
It has built-in Cortana support, Microsoft’s virtual assistant.
It has a built-in reading list, web note-taking and sharing features.
The rendering engine is called EdgeHTML.
The design focuses on minimalism and simplicity.
It has a super useful and well-designed “New Tab” page (pictured below).
It contains the vast majority of the controls.

However, the best news about Edge is that the browser will support web extensions designed for Firefox and Chrome with only “minor” code alterations needed.
There is no full-size screenshots have yet been released by the Microsoft officially. However, you can watch the video given below.


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