More Goa Government Websites Hacked: Police Cyber Cell

solar_plant_control_room_internet_apSix more Goa government websites were hacked on Tuesday using a Palestine-based server, the police said. The governor’s website was said to have been hacked by Pakistan-based hackers three weeks ago.

The websites of the Chief Electoral Officer and departments of Land Records, Civil Supplies, Right to Information and a local municipal council were hacked on Tuesday.

The websites have been taken offline as a precautionary measure, an officer attached to the Goa Police Cyber Cell told IANS.

“The websites have been hacked using a Palestine-based server. We believe the hacker group is based in Palestine,” the officer said.

The governor’s website, which was hacked on October 24, continues to have limited functionality even three weeks after the incident.

The state government portals were also said to have been hacked by a Pakistani cyber-expert in July last year when 13 websites maintained by government departments were defaced.

Police had then said that the websites were hacked by a cyber-group called H4x0r


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