PS4 Jailbreak Hack Confirmed! Hacker Finds A Way To Play Pirated Playstation 4 Games And Sony Isn’t Happy About It!


The PS4 Jailbreak method has been discovered by hackers and it is now possible to play pirated PS4 games their consoles.

A hacker who calls himself “Reckz0r” did one of the unthinkables: hacking the PS4 to play pirated games. reports that the hacker has published a tutorial on how to jailbreak the PS4, which makes use of Orbis OS (as it is based on FreeBSD, an open source OS). Though Reckz0r does claim that he did not find the vulnerability himself, he is, in fact, the mind behind the PS4 tutorial hack, so much so that even Sony has started to give warnings.

According to the report, Reckz0r and Sony have already had a conversation using direct messaging in the official PlayStation Twitter account.

“No? We’re giving you one day, to delete that Pastebin link you have recently posted, alongside with the files if you have uploaded them somewhere. It won’t take us long to get you arrested if you’re still going to proceed spreading the jailbreak. 🙂 Take the Geohotz scenario as an example.”

In another report, has also cited the PS4 jailbreak. However, until now, it is still an untested hack, which could mean that it might be a fake one. Moreover, this may be supported by a fact found by the report wherein x-s4nd3r was cited to be the original hacker responsible for the PS4 jailbreak. Since x-s4nd3r’s specialty was hacking websites, it could mean that he was not the one who did the jailbreak.

However, there remains Sony’s explosive direct messaging exchange, which has all the hints of anger and retaliation at a ready, so that’s also something that shouldn’t be ignored.

Best to stay away from the hack and just play by the rules as Sony has established them, to ensure the best gaming experience with your PS4.


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