Aussie ‘Anonymous’ hackers charged for hacking Australian, Indonesian gov’t websites

Anonymous en la operación Goya   Flickr   Photo Sharing

Sydney, AU – The two alleged members of an international hacker group called Anonymous were charged by Australian authorities on Thursday, May 22, with targeting the aforementioned country and Indonesian government websites.

The Australian Federal Police stated the men , whose aged 18 and 40, meet each other online and targeted the government organizations from two countries in the Pacific region including a large Internet service provider NetSpeed, ACT Long Service Leave Authority and web servers that reportedly hosting the government-owned websites.

“It is not harmless fun,” the federal police national manager for high-tech crime operations Tim Morris said regarding the alleged attacks.

“The impairment or disruption of communications to or from computer networks is a criminal act and can have serious consequences.”

The hacktivist (a portmanteau of hack and activist) group Anonymous is believed to be a loosely affiliated hacker collective that conducts intentional online attacks internationally.

Back in 2012, the group claimed the responsibility for briefly shutting down a computer server owned and operated by Australia’s domestic spy agency Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO).

While one of the accused men for hacking the the government websites was charged with aiding the unauthorized modification of a computer network to cause impairment, and the unauthorized modification of Indonesian government web servers to cause impairment; the other was charged with the unauthorized modification of an Internet service provider to cause impairment, and the unauthorized access to and modification of restricted data on a Australia-owned government website.

The 40-year-old Adam John Bennett was released on bail on a number of conditions, including that he not use the internet for any other purposes than for banking, employment and legal advice.


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