BeyondTrust Launches BeyondInsight 5.1

BeyondTrust updates BeyondInsight

BeyondTrust, a company that specializes in context-aware security intelligence solutions, has updated its IT risk management platform BeyondInsight.

BeyondInsight 5.1 enables IT and security teams to easily import QualysGuard vulnerability data via a new QualysGuard Cloud Connector. It also allows customers to import flat files from vulnerability management products developed by Tenable, Qualys and Rapid7.

In addition, the latest release of BeyondInsight includes an audit viewer that enables users to search and review vulnerability audits and mitigation procedures in the Retina CS Enterprise Vulnerability Management database.

Customers can now create custom vulnerability alerts, and filter security holes so that they can prioritize remediation efforts.

The Asset Profile Data feature can be used to enumerate the users, services and permissions for each system on the network. Rogue accounts and misappropriated privileges can be identified this way.

“Utilizing BeyondInsight, security and IT professionals can jointly keep track of assets, assess risk, ensure compliance, and communicate progress throughout the organization,” said Marc Maiffret, CTO of BeyondTrust.

“In addition to providing granular, role-based access to specific vulnerability and privilege management capabilities, BeyondInsight offers centralized asset discovery, asset profiling, management, reporting, and analytics capabilities. With the latest updates incorporated into BeyondInsight 5.1, businesses now have the increased visibility they need to make smart decisions and reduce their overall risk.”

The list of changes in BeyondInsight 5.1 also includes enhanced graphics and more filtering capabilities in Vulnerabilities by Business Unit Reports, exploit information has been added to Vulnerability Delta Reports, and operating system parameters are now included in Remediation Reports


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