Security App of the Week: Microbe, a Pentesting Tool for Chrome

Microbe for Chrome

Penetration testers have a new tool which they can use to look for vulnerabilities. Microbe is a Chrome extension that can be used by security experts for multiple purposes.

Developed by Cosmin Gheorghita, a 19-year-old developer from Romania, Microbe can be used to identify SQL Injection flaws, but it can also be used to analyze and modify current requests and HTTP headers.

The tool also integrates a cookie manager, a form handler, a proxy manager, a multi-encoding tool called Krypton, a section for enabling or disabling various elements (cookies, JavaScript, browser plugins), and bypass methods and queries for developing SQL Injection syntaxes.

To make the job easier for security researchers, Microbe also supports shortcodes for various actions.

Once you’ve installed Microbe, you can access it by right clicking on a web page and selecting Inspect Element. Then, in the DevTools navigator, you should see a new tab called Microbe.

The Chrome extension can only be accessed via Inspect Element because, for security reasons, Google bans users from accessing the DevTools page from a custom button.

You can download Microbe for Chrome from Softpedia. Additional details on the pentesting tool are available on the website of the Cyber Security Research Center from Romania (CCSIR) and on the Microbe website.


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