Security App of the Week: Tor Blocker for WordPress

Tor Blocker

Tor is great for anonymity, but it’s being increasingly abused by cybercriminals. That’s why WordPress website owners might be interested in Tor Blocker, a plugin that enables them to limit the actions of users who come from Tor exit nodes.

Developed by HQPeak, Tor Blocker is designed to allow webmasters to block users coming from Tor altogether, or prevent them from accessing certain features of the website.

Tor is often abused for spam, to identify vulnerabilities in websites, or for other types of cyberattacks. If your WordPress website is targeted, or you fear that it might be, you can install Tor Blocker and apply certain constraints.

For instance, you can set it up so that Tor users can only read the public content on the site. If you want to give them some freedom, you can allow them to post comments, register an account, subscribe, give them access to the administration panel, or send POST requests. Each of these actions can be configured individually.

If you want, you can completely ban users who come from Tor exit nodes from accessing your WordPress website.

Tor Blocker has two variants: free and premium. The Tor exit node lists are updated frequently. For those using the premium version, the list is updated every 5 minutes. In the free version, the list is updated every 5 hours.

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