McAfee Presents Its Strategy for Securing All Devices Connected to the Internet

McAfee wants to secure the Internet of Things

McAfee, which is now part of Intel Security, has presented its strategy for addressing the security challenges posed by the Internet of Things.

More and more devices are being connected to the Internet. Experts estimate that by 2020, there will be 212 billion devices connected to the Web, including cars, industrial sensors and household appliances. While smart devices have a lot of advantages, they also create numerous challenges when it comes to data privacy, trust, safety and governance.

The IT security solutions provider highlights the fact that the developers of Internet-enabled devices must focus on making their products secure right from the start.

“Security needs to be built in as the foundation of the Internet of Things,” noted Michael Fey, worldwide chief technology officer for Intel Security.

“Any disruption to these IP connected devices can cause damage to the business and our daily lives. We need to have foresight into what is coming so we can prevent against threats and securely manage these devices. McAfee is enabling the future and the possibilities that the Internet of Things brings to our daily lives.”

McAfee’s IoT security strategy includes solutions that work across multiple environments and devices; life cycle security across the device, network and data center; mechanisms which assure customers that their devices haven’t been corrupted; and support for industry standards and device interoperability.

The company’s strategy also includes technology to assure individual privacy, and the ability to address challenges in connecting legacy and new systems to future services.

McAfee is working with Intel and Wind River in developing solutions to protect connected devices, systems, applications and data. Recently, Intel has announced Gateway Solutions for the IoT as a result of a collaboration with McAfee and Wind River.

The gateways are designed to connect legacy and new systems and enable seamless and secure data flow by providing pre-integrated and pre-validated software and hardware building blocks.

McAfee’s solutions for embedded devices integrate anti-malware protection, comprehensive threat awareness and analysis, strong data encryption, data loss prevention and streamlined device management. The solutions are designed to ensure that all devices are in compliance with federal and industry regulations.

“McAfee has both the breadth and the depth of security offerings needed to support the complexity and massive scale of the Internet of Things,” noted Steve Hoffenberg, director of M2M Embedded Software & Tools at VDC Research.

“With the company’s strong collaborations with Intel and Wind River, as well as its long history of securing information technology, McAfee is well positioned to proactively address the security needs of the IoT.”


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