US Hopes to Convince China to Be More Transparent About Its Cyber Capabilities

US hopes China will share information on its cyber warfare capabilities

United States Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is visiting China these days. One of his goals is to convince China to become more open and transparent about its cyber warfare capabilities.

According to AFP, Hagel was planning to deliver a speech at the People’s Liberation Army’s National Defense University on Tuesday to urge China to be more open in this area in order to avoid conflict and defuse tensions.

The US has reportedly briefed Chinese officials on how the country is approaching cyberspace challenges. So far, China hasn’t done the same, but the US hopes that it will.

China seems open to sharing things with the United States these days. During his visit to China, Hagel has been given the opportunity to tour the country’s first aircraft carrier, which is not something that happens too often.

In the meantime, accusations continue to fly from both sides. The US is accusing China of conducting sophisticated cyber espionage operations, but Beijing has also released a few reports showing that most attacks against the country originate in the US.

Tensions continue to grow now that documents stolen by Edward Snowden from the NSA have shown that the US intelligence agency has spied on Chinese telecoms giant Huawei.


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