Several Security Improvements Made in MongoDB 2.6

MongoDB 2.6 released

Version 2.6 of the open-source document database MongoDB is available for download. The latest version comes with a number of major changes affecting both the standard and the enterprise editions.

To list of changes includes aggregation enhancements, text search integration, improvements in the update and insert systems, and a new protocol for write operations. In addition to functionality improvements, MongoDB 2.6 includes a number of enhancements in the security department.

The list of security-related changes and enhancements includes improved SSL support, x.509-based authentication, the centralized storage of credentials, an improved authorization systems, and better user management tools.

“MongoDB 2.6 brings security, integration and analytics enhancements to ease deployment in enterprise environments. LDAP, x.509 and Kerberos authentication are critical enhancements for organizations that require a single authentication mechanism across their entire infrastructure,” Eliot Horowitz, CTO and co-founder of MongoDB, noted in a blog post.

“To enhance security, MongoDB 2.6 implements TLS encryption, user-defined roles, auditing and field-level redaction, a critical building block for trusted systems. IBM Guardium also now offers integration with MongoDB, providing more extensive auditing abilities,” Horowitz added.

You can download MongoDB 2.6 from Softpedia’s Scripts section. The full official release notes for MongoDB 2.6 are available on the MongoDB website.

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