UK Department of Culture, Media and Sport Twitter Account Hacked

DCMS Twitter account hacked

The verified Twitter account of the United Kingdom’s Department of Culture, Media and Sport (@DCMS) was hijacked over the weekend. The hacker posted three messages referencing MP Maria Miller on the compromised feed.

The tweets were quickly deleted, but Twitter users posted screenshots of the account while it was hijacked.

“Seriously though guys which one of us hasn’t embezzled and cheated the taxpayer?? #FreeMariaMiller,” read the first tweet.

The second, which came one minute later, read, “@Maria_MillerMP is like modern day Robin Hood, she robs the poor to help the rich.”

In the last message, the hacker noted, “Is Maria @Maria_MillerMP guilty? We will let the public decide.”

The DCMS quickly deleted the tweets, but hasn’t mentioned anything about them. However, the department’s representatives told The Inquirer that “the DCMS Twitter account was hacked but was quickly secured.” An investigation has been launched.

It’s uncertain if the hacker is an outsider or someone from within the organization who had access to the account.

Maria Miller is a Conservative Party politician and the Culture Secretary. She has been a member of parliament since 2005. She’s currently accused of re-designating her second home as her main home in order to avoid paying taxes when it was sold.


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