Farm Supply Store Rural King Hacked, Attackers Access Financial Information

Rural King hacked

Matton, Illinois-based farm supply store Rural King has suffered a data breach. The company has been notifying its customers since the hackers gained access to their personal and financial information.

It’s uncertain how many individuals are impacted by the breach, but according to a letter sent earlier this week by the company to the New Hampshire Attorney General, cybercriminals gained access to Rural King systems on February 6, 2014.

The intrusion into the firm’s web server was detected on March 7, but it took until March 12 to completely block out the attackers. During this time, they could have stolen names, credit and debit card numbers, their expiration dates, card verification codes, phone numbers and shipping and billing addresses.

The email addresses and passwords utilized by customers to log in to their accounts might also have been compromised.

Rural King has been able to determine that certain pieces of information have definitely been compromised, but in other cases, the company is uncertain. Impacted customers have been sent two types of letters: one informing recipients that their information has been compromised, and one stating that transaction data “may have been compromised.”

All passwords have been reset to prevent abuse. A computer forensics company has been called in to help Rural King enhance the security of its systems. Impacted individuals are being offered one year of free credit monitoring services via Experian.


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