Watch Out for “Get a Free Samsung Galaxy S5” Scams on Facebook

Galaxy S5 Facebook scam

Samsung Galaxy S5 has already been launched in Korea and it will become available in the rest of the world next week. Scammers know that many people are anxious to get their hands on Samsung’s new smartphone, so they’ve set up a number of fake Facebook pages.

In less than 5 minutes, we’ve identified three scammy Facebook pages offering Samsung Galaxy S5 phones for free.

The pages display posts such as these: “DO YOU WANT A FREE Samsung galaxy S5? Samsung Mobile is giving away 2500 free samsung galaxy S5 as part of a new promotion. This is a campaign to increase the popularity and sales. Want To Get One? Just ‘Share’ this photo and ‘Like’ our page. YOU MUST LIKE THE PAGE ‘Galaxy-S5’ TO PARTICIPATE !”

Messages on another fake page read: “We are giving Samsung 5 on May 1, 2014. 10 Lucky Winners Will Be Announced On 1st May. Step 1) Like this post. Step 2) Comment which color you want. Step 3) Share On Your wall. Good Luck to everyone!”

The first page has already gathered close to 25,000 likes, while the second one has over 13,000 likes. This second page was launched less than one day ago, which shows that many people are searching for Galaxy S5-related content on Facebook these days.

In reality, no one gets to win a free Samsung Galaxy S5 because these are not real campaigns. Scammers are simply trying to trick Facebook users into liking their pages to increase their values on the underground market.

A Facebook page with a large number of likes can be repurposed and used to advertise all sorts of shady products and services.

In the meantime, Hoax Slayer reports that scams promising Galaxy S4 phones are also still making the rounds. Cybercrooks claim they’re giving away hundreds of devices for free because they’re unsealed.

It’s worth noting that not all Facebook pages promising users the chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S5 are fake. For instance, last month, Samsung Mobile UK offered people the chance to win a smartphone and even a smartwatch.

So how can you tell apart the fake promotions from the real ones? It’s easy. The real campaigns are those announced on verified Facebook pages.

This is what verified pages look like

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