Egyptian Military and Government Websites Defaced by Hacktivist

Egyptian websites defaced

A Yemeni hacktivist who uses the online moniker YMH has breached and defaced three websites belonging to Egyptian military, government and educational institutions.

The targeted websites are the ones of the country’s Military Technical College (, the Tourist Development Authority ( and the Egyptian Armed Forces Training Authority (, HackRead reports.

“Owned by Ymh! We don’t know with whom to fight, el sisi or the Muslim Brotherhood, leave all the politics behind and enjoy yourselves a little with the tea of Om Hasan ( symbol of the reversed revolution),” reads a rough translation of the message posted by the hacker on the defaced websites in Arabic.

The attack on the MTC and the TDA’s websites took place on March 23, while the attack on the military site was launched on Monday.

At the time of writing, the site of the Armed Forces Training Authority is offline, but the other two appear to be working properly. The defacement pages were added as a new file called ye.html to each of the sites.

Judging by their IP addresses, all the sites are hosted on the same server. The sites of the MTC and the TDA were both defaced by other hackers in the past.


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