Duo Security’s Mobile 2FA Integrated with LastPass Password Management Platform

Duo Security and LastPass have teamed up

Duo Security, the firm that specializes in two-factor authentication (2FA) solutions, and password management company LastPass have teamed up. Duo Security’s mobile-based two-factor authentication solution has been integrated with the password management platform from LastPass.

The goal is to provide an additional layer of security to both regular and enterprise users. The solution from Duo is available with LastPass Free, Premium and Enterprise, and it’s free for up to ten users.

As many of our readers probably already know, LastPass’ password management solution is designed to save and automatically fill in login credentials for every online service. The cloud-based application is also capable of generating strong passwords for enhanced security.

All users need to remember is one master password. The rest of the passwords are safely stored within LastPass. However, if the master password is somehow obtained by cybercriminals, they basically gain access to the keys to the kingdom.

With the addition of Duo Security two-factor authentication, users are asked to validate their LastPass login credentials. The system is designed to interrupt the user’s workflow as little as possible. The best way to get the validation code is via the smartphone, but the system also supports SMS or callback via a landline.

“LastPass has gained massive momentum as one of the top-rated and user-friendly password managers on the market for both personal and enterprise use, with more than 5,000 businesses relying on LastPass for network and data security,” said Richard Li, VP product at Duo.

“We’re very pleased to partner with the LastPass team to provide an additional option for two-factor security with the administrative ease that enterprise clients appreciate.”


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