Malware Alert: You Hurt My Car on the Road

Beware of malicious traffic accident emails!

How would you react if you received an email from someone claiming you’ve hit their car in traffic? You’d probably want to check out the picture they’ve attached to see what it’s all about. That would be a big mistake.

Cybercriminals are sending out emails entitled “Traffic accident with your car” in an attempt to trick unsuspecting recipients into installing malware.

“Good morning! You hurt my car on the road. Look at these photos in the attached archive and contact me as soon as possible. Otherwise you’ll get legal action,” the emails read.

The file attached to them,, is not an image, but a piece of malware. Cisco first noticed these emails on March 17, but according to Hoax Slayer and others, they’re still making the rounds.

In the past, cybercriminals tried to trick internauts into installing malware by sending them fake traffic ticket notifications.

Users who come across such emails are advised to act with caution. You should be safe as long as you haven’t executed the file contained within the archive attached to the messages. If you’re a victim, scan your computer with an updated antivirus program to make sure it’s not infected.

I don’t know what type of malware is being distributed in this campaign, but it could be something that’s designed to steal sensitive information, so if you do find threats on your device, it might be wise to change your passwords.


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