FireHost and Lookout Name New CEOs

FireHost and Lookout have new CEOs

Mobile security company Lookout and secure cloud provider FireHost have both named new chief executive officers (CEOs) this week.

FireHost has appointed technology veteran Jim Lewandowski, who has already been on the company’s board of directors, to take the role.

FireHost founder and former CEO Chris Drake has stepped down from the position, but he’s not leaving the company. Instead, he becomes the firm’s chief technology officer (CTO). The moves have been made in an effort to accelerate FireHost’s growth.

Before joining FireHost, Lewandowski occupied leadership positions at companies like IBM, Yahoo!, McAfee, BMC Software and Rackspace. He’s well known for delivering revenue and profit growth at the organizations he has worked for.

“FireHost provides industry-leading secure cloud computing that promises to protect customers’ applications and data from malicious attacks,” said Lewandowski.

“We are hyper focused on security innovation and uniquely positioned, with the right people, the right technology, and a dedication to protecting our customers from malicious security threats. For us, there is simply no compromise when it comes to providing enterprise-class security for cloud computing workloads.”

Drake noted, “I made the decision to become CTO because technology innovation has always been my passion. The need for security in the cloud is the most critical priority in the industry. This leadership change allows FireHost to double down on innovation to help customers capitalize on it faster.”

He added, “Jim’s industry expertise, business sense and socket fit with our culture make it possible for me to reinforce the company’s innovation engines while he continues our rapid growth to even higher levels. This leadership change comes at the right stage of FireHost’s history, and we believe that the company is positioned extremely well.”

As far as Lookout is concerned, the company has appointed Jim Dolce as the new CEO. John Hering, the company’s founder, will become executive chairman and will be actively involved in operations.

“I’m proud to welcome Jim to the Lookout team. Jim’s complementary set of skills and experiences will take Lookout to the next level. He’s been a long time leader in the enterprise and carrier worlds, and with the future of enterprise software being so tightly linked to mobile, Jim is well positioned to take Lookout into its next stage of growth,” Hering said.

Before joining Lookout, Dolce founded four companies, including Unishpere, which was sold to Juniper Networks. He held executive positions at both Juniper and Akamai.

“I’m extremely excited to join Lookout, a company at the forefront of transforming the security industry. With millions of users and partnerships with some of the largest mobile operators in the world, Lookout is well positioned to tackle the world’s biggest security problems as we move into the post-PC era,” Dolce noted.

“Lookout is at the convergence of four key trends: security, mobile, big data and cloud. It’s rare to find a company touching on four of the most important technology trends of our time.”


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