GFI Software Launches WirelessSentry to Help SMBs in Managing Wi-Fi Networks

GFI announces WirelessSentry

GFI Software has launched WirelessSentry (GFI WiSe), a cloud-based solution that enables the IT administrators of small and medium size companies to monitor, manage and secure their Wi-Fi network. The best thing about this new solution is that it doesn’t matter what networking hardware is deployed.

GFI WiSe relies on a lightweight sensor that’s easily deployed on a machine near each Wi-Fi access point (AP). After all wireless networks and APs are identified, IT administrators can monitor and manage them from a single console. The console can be accessed from almost any device that can run a web browser.

The solution works with any type of hardware, so companies don’t have to worry about making drastic changes if they want to deploy the solution. This makes WiSe a cost-effective solution.

WiSe’s capabilities include bandwidth monitoring of wireless connections and traffic. It also includes vulnerability assessment and detection capabilities which rely on an intrusion detection system to identify threats and vulnerabilities, such as rogue APs.

The new product also has a special “VIP” feature for executives. Devices that are marked as VIP are closely monitored so that the IT department can ensure business continuity for executives who are always on the move.

Whenever abnormal activity is detected, real-time alerts are sent out via SMS or email. For reporting purposes, the solution includes a graphical reporting tool that allows customers to easily share network usage information with stakeholders.

“GFI WiSe is a vital tool for IT administrators to monitor, manage and secure their wireless estate,” explained Sergio Galindo, general manager of the infrastructure business unit at GFI Software.

“Its monitoring capability helps reduce wireless network down time, its management capability enables users to manage wireless networks with multiple locations, and its security feature does everything from identifying rogue access points and detecting all client devices connecting to their wireless network to locating threats and vulnerabilities in client networks,” Galindo added.

“It is a very simple and straightforward way for IT administrators to monitor and manage their networks at a very reasonable price point.”

BYOD has become a common practice and the risks associated with it also apply to small companies. That’s why businesses need to ensure that they have a clear view of what’s happening on their networks in order to keep threats at bay.

GFI WiSe is available immediately. Prices start from $259 (€185) per AP, based on an annual subscription model. Additional information on GFI WirelessSentry is available on GFI Software’s website.


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