Cloud-Based, Layer 7-Aware Load Balancer Launched by Incapsula

Incapsula launches cloud-based load balancer

Website security and performance provider Incapsula has launched the first cloud-based integrated, Layer 7-aware, global and local load balancer. The solution is designed to provide not only load balancing across data centers, but also automatic failover for disaster recovery.

The latest addition is provided through Incapsula’s Application Delivery Platform, which also includes DDOS mitigation, application security and content delivery network capabilities.

Organizations usually balance traffic through DNS-based routing when they operate web applications from multiple hosting facilities.

However, the classic solutions are not Layer 7-aware of application-aware. The integrated global and local load balancer ensures that web applications are delivered straight from the cloud in a geographically optimized manner.

The global failover component integrated into the load balancer enables organizations which operate disaster recovery datacenters to divert all application traffic to another datacenter in case of an emergency.

“Cloud delivery has fundamentally changed application delivery and yet load balancing has not yet evolved beyond a locally deployed appliance. Today, we change that,” explained Gur Shatz, CEO of Incapsula.

“Our cloud-based load balancer is the first to balance traffic across datacenters and multiple web servers directly from the cloud, allowing our customers to take full advantage of the benefits of the cloud and scale without the need for DNS based routing, a local load balancer, or a virtual appliance.”


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