Website of International Video News Agency Ruptly Hit With DDOS Attack

Ruptly disrupted by DDOS attack

Moments ago, the Ruptly international video news agency, which is part of the RT (Russia Today) global news network, announced that its website is under a distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attack.

The attack on Ruptly, which has published numerous reports about the situation in Ukraine, comes shortly after a hack attack on the website of RT. On Sunday, unknown hackers breached the site’s admin panel and inserted the word “Nazi” into Ukraine-related headlines.

It took RT around 30 minutes to restore the website. It remains to be seen how well Ruptly can handle a DDOS attack.

Things are complicated in Ukraine as far as hacktivists are concerned. While some hackers have sided with Euromaidan protesters, others support Ukraine’s independence from the West.

DDOS attacks have been launched on a number of pro-Euromaidan websites, and the sites of parliament and the Right Sector nationalist movement.

Anonymous Ukraine has been busy leaking data from the systems of the UDAR party, and they’ve even taken the time to deface some Polish websites to warn the country’s citizens that they could suffer the same fate as Ukrainians.

At the time of writing, I can access, but the “Is It Down Right Now” service shows that Ruptly’s servers are not responding.


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