Hacktivists Disrupt Websites of Ukrainian Parliament and Right Sector

Rada website offline

Hacktivists continue to launch attacks against Ukrainian government websites. The latest targets are the sites of the parliament, or the Verkhovna Rada (rada.gov.ua), the Right Sector nationalist movement (banderivets.org.ua), but also some Euromaidan websites.

Cyber Guerilla has reported that the following websites have been disrupted with distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks by hackers: maidansupport.com, maidanhelp.com.ua, helpmaidan.org.ua, banderivets.org.ua, rada.gov.ua and qha.com.ua.

Members of the Right Sector, a militant group with borderline fascist or neofascist views, have been leading the fight against police during the recent protests.

At the time of writing, the website of the parliament has been restored, but the rest appear to still be offline.

Hacktivists started attacking the government shortly after the Euromaidan demonstrations began in Kiev due to President Viktor Yanukovych’s refusal to sign a far-reaching accord with the European Union.

Since November 21, the protests escalated. So far, the worst day has been February 20, when 77 people were killed and hundreds were injured.

While some hacktivists are siding with the opposition, others seem to support the president. Anonymous Ukraine members have leaked emails from the regional offices of the Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reform (UDAR), the party led by Vitali Klitschko.

They’ve also leaked Klitschko’s private correspondence, which shows that he has been plotting with the adviser to the president of Lithuania.


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