VSS Monitoring System Software 3.3 Simplifies Deployment of IT Security Solutions

VSS Monitoring launches VSS Monitoring System Software 3.3

Network visibility and monitoring solutions provider VSS Monitoring has released VSS Monitoring System Software 3.3. The latest release is designed to enable organizations to deploy new IT security solutions or make changes to existing solutions much faster.

“Data center consolidation initiatives have caused enterprise networks to rapidly scale in size and performance, not to mention create increased levels of complexity and risk. To regain control and effectively manage these environments, operations teams have to have complete visibility, without impacting performance,” said Bob Laliberte, senior analyst at ESG.

“VSS Monitoring’s approach to decouple the network and security planes makes sense, because it allows enterprises to achieve the dual purposes of preserving system performance and still maintain a strong security posture.”

The design of the traditional enterprise network makes it difficult to deploy new security technologies or make changes to existing ones mainly because monitoring and security solutions are deployed on the same layer. This means that any additions or changes can negatively impact performance and even cause outages.

VSS Monitoring System Software 3.3 integrates plug-and-play functionality that enables organizations to rapidly deploy new solutions and make any necessary changes to protect their infrastructures against both internal and external threats.

In order to overcome the limitations of the traditional network design, VSS Monitoring’s product separates the security and monitoring plane from the network plane. This ensures not only that the network doesn’t experience any disruptions, but also provides greater reliability of security solutions and offers them greater visibility into the traffic that passes through.

Thanks to System Software’s chaining-in-series capabilities, technologies can been added, replaced or upgraded without impacting network performance and availability.

The latest release also supports 40 Gbps networks to meet scalability needs. And because it’s able to balance traffic loads across multiple security systems found on the same network, almost in real time, no specific tools are overloaded or oversubscribed.

“With current network architecture, if you need to upgrade or replace a security product, your options are limited and any option may impact the operation and security of your network environment for the worse, leaving the enterprise exposed,” noted Martin Breslin, founder and president of VSS Monitoring.

“Our goal was to reinvent the corporate network and remove shackles to performance while maximizing visibility across all segments of the distributed network. Our latest release turns that vision into a reality,” Breslin added.

VSS Monitoring Systems Software 3.3 is available effective immediately. Pricing depends on system configuration. Existing customers will be automatically upgraded at no cost.


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