Huawei Launches AntiDDoS8000 Anti-DDOS Appliances

Huawei announces new anti-DDOS appliancesTelecoms company Huawei has launched a next-generation anti-DDOS solution. The company says the AntiDDoS8000 series appliances can offer much better protection compared to traditional solutions.

The new products have been announced at the RSA Conference that’s taking place these days in San Francisco.

The appliances offer 1 Tbps performance and protection from various types of attacks, including mobile device, application layer and outbound DDOS.

“DDoS attacks have become much more varied. Today we’re seeing a rise in application-based attacks as well as attacks launched directly from mobile devices,” noted Liu Shaowei, Huawei’s networking business unit general manager.

“These new breeds of advanced attacks are hard to detect with traditional flow-based anti-DDOS solutions but can be detected with Huawei’s new AntiDDoS8000 appliance.”

Features such as behavior analysis, signature learning, Big Data analytics and reputation mechanisms enable organizations that use the AntiDDoS8000 appliances to fend off attacks of several hundred gigabits per second.

“Huawei’s anti-DDoS solution protected us from over 40,000 DDoS attacks last year — equivalent to over 100 attacks per day — at a maximum traffic rate of 100 Gbps. This is a powerful and user-friendly system that provides precise protection,” said Xinguo Wei, a senior expert at the Alibaba Group’s Information Security Center.

“We tested Huawei’s anti-DDoS solution against every DDoS attack that we have ever encountered. Its performance was excellent; therefore, we selected Huawei.”

The new solution is designed for major organizations, such as large e-commerce providers, enterprises, data centers and carriers. The appliances are capable of detecting and mitigating over 100 types of DDOS attacks, including application layer attacks and attacks in IPv6-IPv4 composite networking.

In the case of Internet mobile services, Huawei says that the new product has accurate detection mechanisms that produce zero false positives.

The AntiDDoS8000 appliance also supports new service cards that offer 160 Gbps protection performance and a new line card with ten 10GE ports. The AntiDDoS8000 appliance is available effective immediately. The 160 Gbps cards will become available in the fourth quarter of this year.

Organizations interested in Huawei’s new product can check out a demo at booth 2101 at the RSA conference between February 25 and 27.

DDOS attacks are becoming more and more problematic for organizations. On the other hand, cybercriminals can contract DDOS services for fairly low prices. This is probably why many companies are taking the opportunity to launch mitigation solutions.

Now, in addition to DNS amplification attacks, cybercriminals have also started turning to Network Time Protocol (NTP) amplification attacks, which are much more powerful.


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