South Korea Wants to Develop Stuxnet-like Malware

South Korea to develop cyber warfare tools

South Korea’s Ministry of Defense has revealed that the country plans on developing cyber warfare tools that can be used against North Korea’s nuclear facilities and missile systems.

This basically means that South Korea wants to develop a piece of malware similar to Stuxnet, which back in 2010 was used to damage an Iranian nuclear facility, the Yonhap news agency reported.

Seoul’s Cyber Warfare Command was created back in 2010 due to the large number of cyber attacks launched by Pyongyang. However, so far it has mostly focused on psychological warfare activities.

In the second phase, the cyber command will “carry out comprehensive cyberwarfare missions,” said an unnamed official.

The Ministry of Defense also wants to set up a Cyber Defense Department that will oversee cyber warfare operations, particularly defensive missions.


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