Risk I/O Enhances Vulnerability Threat Management Platform

Risk I/O introduces perimeter scanning and risk analysis

Risk I/O has extended its SaaS vulnerability threat management platform to include perimeter scanning and breach analysis.

The latest release includes a Risk Meter that enables organizations to determine, in almost real time, which entry points are most likely to be exploited by attackers. The perimeter scan included in the platform provides information on vulnerability and exploit risk.

In addition, Risk I/O has also introduced the Technology Threat Service. The service, available for free via RiskDB, builds a risk profile for any technology based on the scoring provided by the Risk Meter.

“The Risk Meter is the only risk scoring technology that can provide a near real-time view of vulnerability and exploit risk based on insights from your own environment as well as threat and breach data. With Risk Meter scoring, you know which assets are most at risk, so you know exactly where to start. This saves time and helps reduce risk exposure,” said Ed Bellis, CEO and cofounder of Risk I/O.

More details on the Risk Meter and the vulnerability threat management platform are available on Risk I/O’s website.


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