Unknown Threats, a Top Security Concern Only for 37% of Global Organizations

Dell publishes new global security study

Dell has published a new whitepaper called “Protecting the organization against the unknown – A new generation of threats.”

The study shows that, while trends and technologies such as cloud computing, mobility, bring-your-own-device (BYOD), and Internet usage bring with them a lot of risks, only 37% of global organizations see unknown threats as a top security concern in the next 5 years.

The numbers from the report show that 64% of respondents agree that IT processes will have to be reorganized or restructured, and collaboration between IT and other departments will need to be enhanced to stay ahead of emerging threats.

Close to 90% believe the government should become involved in determining an organization’s cyber defense strategies.

The main problem with unknown threats is that they come from both inside and outside the organization. Companies don’t need to worry only about external cybercriminals, but also about internal attacks, whether they’re carried out by malicious actors or accidentally.

67% of the respondents revealed that they increased education and training funding in the past 12 months. Security training for employees is considered a priority in half of organizations.

Monitoring services have also been increased over the past years – by 54% globally and by 72% in the United States.

“Traditional security solutions can defend against malware and known vulnerabilities, but are generally ineffective in this new era of stealthy, unknown threats from both outside and inside the organization,” said Matt Medeiros, vice president and general manager of Dell Security Products.

“These threats evade detection, bypass security controls, and wreak havoc on an organization’s network, applications, and data, but despite these dangers, our study found, among those surveyed, organizations are just not prepared,” Medeiros added.

“There is still a disturbing lack of understanding and awareness of the type of impact and detriment caused by the unknown threats that can come from both sides of an organization’s data flow.

“As a result, we believe a new security approach is needed – one that’s embedded in the fabric of software, governing access to every application and protecting every device, both inside and outside a corporate network.”

1,440 IT decision makers from organizations with over 500 employees or end users have taken part in the study conducted between October and November 2013. The respondents are from the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, India, Spain, Australia, and Beijing.

The complete whitepaper is available on Dell’s website. You can also check out an infographic that sums up the company’s findings.


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