Turkish Hackers Claim to Have Breached Systems of Nepali ISP Mercantile

Mercantile Communications targeted by Turkish Ajan

Hackers of the Turkish Ajan group are back. Their first attack this year has been targeted at Mercantile Communications Pvt. Ltd (mos.com.np), a major Nepali Internet service provider (ISP).

The hackers have leaked database structure information, and over 100 records containing the names and email addresses of the company’s employees.

Turkish Ajan representatives have told me that there’s no particular reason for targeting Mercantile. They simply wanted to announce their comeback.

They claim to have also accessed phone numbers and physical addresses as well, but they haven’t leaked the information to protect the individuals’ privacy.

So far, Turkish Ajan has mainly focused on targeting the systems of major companies. However, from now on, they will start attacking government organizations, mainly in the US, Israel and China.

The US is a target because, according to the hackers, it’s a “terrorist country” and it’s against Islam. China and Israel are “killing Muslims,” which is why their government sites will be attacked.

I’ve reached out to Mercantile to see if they can comment on the incident. The post will be updated if they respond to my emails.


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