Lottery Scam Alert: You’re the Winner of the “Facebook Account of the Year” Reward

Facebook lottery scam (click to see full)

An interesting Facebook lottery scam is making the rounds, trying to trick users into handing over information and money. The scammers are leveraging Facebook’s recent 10-year anniversary to make everything more legitimate-looking.

The scam emails found by Kaspersky purport to come from the “Facebook Rewards Program” and they read something like this:

“As we Celebrate our 10years of internet Journey and Global Communication we are glad to Announce to you that your facebook account have been randomly selected as a beneficiary of $1,000,000.00usd in the 2013 Facebook Account of the Year {Grand Rewards winner}.”

Recipients are asked to send their Facebook username and country of residence to an email address. The fake notifications also contain a link to a Sydney Morning Herald article about the Facebook “Look Back” videos.

The emails are apparently signed by Eduardo Saverin, one of the five co-founders of Facebook.

If you come across these emails, ignore them. Facebook hasn’t started giving out millions to random customers.


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