Experts Warn Users About “Facebook Password Hacker” Apps on Google Play

Beware of Facebook hacker apps hosted on Google Play

There are several apps on Google Play that purport to be capable of hacking Facebook accounts. F-Secureresearchers have analyzed one of them and what they’ve found is not pretty.

The app, called “Hacker (for Facebook),” claims to allow users to crack the password of any account.

When it’s launched, the application instructs wannabe hackers to rate it with 5 stars on Google Play “in order to work properly.”

Then, users are presented with an advertisement that’s designed to trick them into installing fake antiviruses on their Android devices. Finally, victims are presented with a Facebook phishing page.

Interestingly, the app’s developer has posted a disclaimer which reads, “This is only a prank app. Any not allowed hacking of a Facebook account with a real app would be illegal.”

A prank app? I don’t think so. Since it tries to get you to install fake antiviruses, tricks you into giving it 5 stars and collects your Facebook credentials, it’s more like a malicious app. Beware!


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