Bitdefender Publishes Infographic on Holiday-Themed Spam and Scams

Infographic on spam campaigns (click to see full)

Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Father’s Day, Halloween, Independence Day – these are just some of the many holidays that give scammers and spammers the perfect opportunity to launch their operations.

Bitdefender has published an infographic and a short report on the activities of scammers and spammers.

For instance, on Christmas and New Year’s Eve, we see the following types of spam emails: personalized Santa Claus letters, diets, fake Rolex watches, luxury cars and hotel reservations. In July, before Independence Day, political messages and fireworks sales are advertised via spam runs.

Most of these spam messages come from China and the US. Close to half of the unsolicited messages advertise diets or pharmacy websites.

Interestingly, Bitdefender says that Jennifer Aniston is the celebrity whose name is most often leveraged in spam campaigns.

Check out the infographic and the report for additional details.


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