Fake “QuickPay Profile Update” Emails Lead to Phishing Site

Beware of fake Virgin Media login pages!

Customers of Virgin Media are being targeted with fake emails that carry the subject line “Virgin profile update.” The links from these notifications point to a phishing site.

“Hello and welcome to your new and improved Virgin Media Quick.pay profile! Virgin Media Quick pay profile is an upgrade to your existing online payment! Please you need to update your Quick.pay profile to improve a better experience of our services,” the emails read.

What’s interesting about this this phishing attack is that the cybercriminals are trying to trick victims into thinking that they’re on the my.virginmedia.com website.

They do this by using a technique called domain name typosquatting. Instead of my.virginmedia.com, those who click on the links are taken to myvirgimnadia.com. Here, they’re instructed to hand over their personal information.

At the time of writing, the malicious website appears to be down. However, Virgin Media customers should be on the lookout for such emails since a new domain could be set up by the attackers at any time.


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