“Account Credited” Emails Used to Distribute Cross-Platform Malware

Malicious emails carry Jacksbot variant

Malicious emails carrying the subject line “Account Credited” have been seen landing in inboxes. The fake notifications are designed to distribute a piece of malware.

“I am sorry for my late response; our bank has credited 50% of Total amount on invoice to your bank account, the balance will be paid against BOL. Find attached Bank TT and update us on delivery schedule,” read the emails which purport to come from a tourism company in the UAE.

While this looks like a classic malware-spreading spam run, Dynamoo’s Blog highlights some interesting things.

First of all, the emails are sent from the mail servers of Pakistani educational institution (mail.giki.edu.pk). Furthermore, the malware is actually a Java application that’s detected by antivirus engines as a version of Jacksbot.

Jacksbot is a piece of malware that’s designed to steal sensitive information from infected computers. What makes it dangerous is the fact that it targets not only Windows machines, but also ones running Linux and Mac OS X.


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