Most Valentine’s Day-Themed Spam Originates in the US, China and Germany

Infographic on Valentine's Day spam campaigns (click to see full)

Now that Valentine’s Day is here, spammers are busy sending out emails in an effort to lure Internet users to various shady websites. Avast has published an infographic to sum up these campaigns.

It turns out that the most common subject lines you’ll find in Valentine’s Day-themed spam are “Find your secret romance,” “Leave no place for errors in your love life,” “Express true love to your woman,” “Touch her heart tonight” and “Show your love to your gf.”

The most targeted email domains are in the US (29.9%), followed by Poland (13.6%), Japan (7.8%), France (4.9%) and Brazil (3.3%). When it comes to host domain origins, the US, or .com domains to be more precise, top the chart with 14.7% of all emails.

4.1% of spam emails come from Chinese (.cn) domains, while 1.7% come from Germany (.de) domains.


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